People Have Turned Sheikh Rasheed Into A Rap King And We Can’t Stop Laughing

People Have Turned Sheikh Rasheed Into A Rap King And We Can’t Stop Laughing

It’s no surprise that people at MangoBaaz love Sheikh Rasheed. The man is a walking talking slap on every rishtay wali aunty’s face: He is gon’ rub his bachelorhood to everybody’s face and ain’t nobody gon’ tell him how to live his life.

He’s also secretly just a boy waiting for a girl to tell him that she loves him.

Sniff. Hopeless romantic.

With his shift in political allegiances, Sheikh Rasheed is often seen by Immi K’s side, pushing the party rhetoric forward. The PTI jalsa last night might have been many things but a dead-end for memes. The internet struck gold when photos of the most eligible bachelor in Pakistan surfaced on the internet.

Sheikh Rasheed got a little too excited while addressing the crowd.



And as expected, the internet pounced on the treasure chest.


It was as if Eminem’s soul possessed Sheikh Rasheed.

It was as if this Bollywood auto-tune was ringing in his ears.


It was as if he was conjuring a ghost of his Mirpuri past.

It was as if he was presenting an ode to all the rishtay-wali aunties


It was almost a “sensate” communication with DJ Butt.


Very saeein tou saeein if you ask me.


There was also some very, very original rapping.


Groundbreaking, really.


But honestly, looks like the party don’t start till Ra$h33d walks in…

Sorry, K3$ha.


Meanwhile, Sheikh Rasheed will just take selfies with his cat and watch the world burn:


Can you think of any more rap lyrics for the photos?

Yaar, newsletter join ker lo.

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