Shehzad Roy And His Finger Started Worrying A Lot Of Fans After He Shared His Latest Photo On Social Media

By Noor | 19 Oct, 2019

Shehzad Roy and his finger worried a lot of fans

Shehzad Roy is an asset for the music industry of Pakistan. From tera mukhra haseen to laga reh, Shehzad has spent almost 24 years in the Pakistani music industry serenading us all. We have literally grown up listening to his music and have enjoyed his songs BUT this man does not age. It’s like that he is still the SAME.


So recently, Shehzad Roy posted some pictures of himself on social media


He also urged his followers to guess something missing in the photos


People couldn’t stop pointing out that there’s something wrong with his finger


They asked him about his missing finger


Shehzad Roy responded by saying that the “missing finger” guesses were correct 


People started wondering if he had had an accident recently leading to his finger being this way


Fans claimed that they noticed Shehzad Roy having a different finger in some of his old songs


So of course we had to investigate it for the greater public good of Pakistanis everywhere

So we dug up a little and we watched the video song dholna sung by Shehzad Roy and here’s what we found. Initially, it was kinda difficult to figure out if the singer had a missing finger.

Source: Cyrus Khan/YouTube


But, later a closer image proved that the singer’s finger really was like this since that song. This album, according to the trusty internet, is from 2001, so that means his finger being like this isn’t a new occurrence.

Source: Cyrus Khan/YouTube


Here’s the song dholna for everyone to enjoy, btw


You’re welcome for this very important investigation. We are proud to serve our country. Stay tuned.


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Cover image via: @officialshehzadroy / Instagram

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