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Sharmeen Obaid Just Won Yet Another Emmy Award For Her Documentary Film

Sharmeen Obaid Just Won Yet Another Emmy Award For Her Documentary Film

Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy, the lady we Pakistanis love to hate, has brought home yet another award

This was the 38th annual edition of news and documentary Emmy Awards.



Known for her controversial pieces, the documentary this time responsible for her success is A Girl in the River.

Her film was nominated for two awards at the Emmys – Outstanding Short Documentary and Outstanding Music and Sound.

Sharmeen tweeted the good news all the way over from New York to share the joy with Pakistanis. Despite her controversial topics, the work is so apt and visually strong that it just cannot be ignored. This is not the first time that she has taken over mainstream and social media for her strong narrative in the films.

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A Girl in the River was a story depicting the horrors of honor killing in Pakistan. It narrates the story of a young woman who survived the attack, and tried her best to fight against this injustice in the society.


She has already won an Oscar for this documentary

The documentary was up against four of PBS documentaries this year – The Look of Silence, Children of Syria, Welcome to Leith, and Thank You For Playing.

Source: SOC Films


Several admirers of her work – Shahbaz Taseer, Andleeb Abbass – took to twitter to congratulate her


Maleeha Lodhi, Pakistan’s representative at the UN was a guest of Sharmeen’s to the Emmy ceremony

Getting a shout-out from Maleeha Lodhi; now that’s super cool!


And this fan had a hilarious Sharmeen Obaid encounter to share


More power to Sharmeen and for bringing in accolades.


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