Shaniera Akram Just Made The Government Shut Down Karachi's Clifton Beach And We Love It

By Maryam Khalid | 4 Sep, 2019

Shaniera Akram is going after Clifton beach for all the right reasons

Shaniera Akram has always risen her voice for issues that need addressing. Given her wide platform, she’s using her position of power to influence change in a positive, constructive manner and that’s exactly why we can’t help but fall in love with her more every day.


Yesterday Shaniera Akram expressed her frustration with Clifton beach in Karachi demanding it to be shut down

In a series of tweets, she brought attention to the pollution on the beach and the insane amounts of medical waste that was found. She brought attention to it all because that medical waste – including but not limited to opened syringes and shattered glass bottles – is hazardous.

People visiting Clifton beach know that it’s littered. But now, it is dangerous to a whole new level.


And Shaniera shared videos of the dangerous levels of pollution on the beach because of which she’s demanding the shut down

Open syringes, food waste, shattered glass bottles and plastic products are dangerous to human beings as well as animals. Sea creatures, particularly the fish near the Arabian sea can consume these and end up dying.

Shaniera is calling for media and authorities to take notice of this horrific situation.

She has declared a state of emergency and warned the public to not handle the mess themselves as it is biohazardous.


Fortunately, authorities have taken action

It takes someone of influence to channel their voice into doing good for the rest of us. By sounding the alarms on the issue of extreme pollution on the Clifton beach, Shaniera managed to have saved a tourist attraction from becoming just another wasteland. Here’s hoping that the cleanup that the authorities are planning is not just a matter of showing off and is actually useful for the general population at large.

Thank you Shaniera Akram for shutting down Clifton beach! You’re a gem.


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