Rumors Spread That Actor Abid Ali Passed Away Last Night, His Daughters Just Responded

By Sana Yasmeen | 4 Sep, 2019

Recently veteran actor Abid Ali was rushed to Liaquat National Hospital in Karachi and admitted due to an unconfirmed illness which is proving to be life-threatening for him. Daughters, Iman Ali, and Rahma Ali took to social media to urge fans and followers to pray for their father.


Last night rumors about the demise of actor Abid Ali began circulating the internet only hours after his family first shared that he’s seriously ill

This rumor spread like wildfire and in no time, everyone was talking about this which caused Ffas and followers to be immensely worried and deeply sorrowed. This also caused a state of panic on social media sites.

Via: Twitter


Rahma Ali And Iman Ali took it to themselves to immediately clear the air and revealed that their father Abid Ali is alive and still in hospital

After the internet went abuzz due to this rumor, Abid Ali’s daughters took no time to clear the news and express their agitation at such false news. This gave fans a sigh of relief and the “fake news khabarnama” department a break.


Iman Ali took to her Instagram to clear the news and also shared her feelings about these “social media magnates” and the “power of written words”…

Source: @imanalyofficial / Instagram


Source: @imanalyofficial / Instagram

The daughters requested all the media channels to stop broadcasting the fake news of their father’s death and pleaded that “let him live till the time he is alive”. Mainstream media and social media, both, began breaking this false news without any verification, respect for the legacy of Abid Ali or the sentiments of his family.


Celebrities like Shamoon Abbasi And Feroze Khan also urged the people to stop and asked for prayers

Abid Ali, has not passed away, please Donot share false news just to get some attention in your pages, have some respect guys⚠️

Gepostet von Shamoon Abbasi am Dienstag, 3. September 2019


Source: @ferozekhan / Instagram

These posts seemed to have cleared the air to a great extent but at the same time, it is saddening to see how some social media can contribute to the widespread distribution of fake news or rumors.

Alhamdulillah, veteran actor Abid Ali is still breathing and alive. We, here at MangoBaaz, are praying for his speedy recovery and good health. May he get well soon and is back in no time.


Abid Ali Is Battling A Life Threatening Illness And His Daughters Are Asking Everyone To Pray


Cover image via: @rahmaabidali / Twitter

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