Oh Fakh! Cricketer Fakhar Zaman's Instagram Got Hacked And Became VERY Dirty

By Aam Nawab | 3 Sep, 2019

Fakhar Zaman’s Instagram was posting weird stuff, turns out it was hacked

Cricketer Fakhar Zaman has been in the news ever since he broke out onto the international cricket scene with a stunning performance in Pakistan Super League in 2017. Even before that he had been quickly becoming noticeable for his batting in regional events. However, with his cricketing career, Fakhar has been in the news for his personal life equally.


A couple days ago, Fakhar Zaman’s Instagram account had started posting some weird things


And people noticed

Via: Instagram


Last night, the account went next level insane and directed everyone to follow this Russian Instagram model, among other weird stuff

First the account was put on sale, then it started directing people to some Art Gallery, then there was a girl doing a live video and finally it started directing everyone to a Russian model’s Instagram account, @fabrika_fitonyashek. Told ya, crazy scene tha.

Via: Instagram

It is suspected that Russian hackers directed everyone to this Instagram account and it may not be the case that this model, if she is even real, is behind the actual hacking of the account


And then the account became private

After the craziness and posting just one totally NSFW image, the account was wiped off of all images and turned private. There was, however, a link to go follow the account @fabrike_fitonyashek.

Via: Instagram


Fellow cricketer Shahid Afridi asked Instagram to check what was wrong with Fakhar Zaman’s Instagram account


But of course most people just found it very funny


It appears that this may not be the first time his account has gotten hacked

Someone pointed out that the cricketer was hacked earlier as well.


As of last update before this post was published Fakhar Zaman’s Instagram is now blank and displaying some furniture shop’s name

Via: Instagram

Cyber security is an increasing concern. With hacks of celebrities’ private photographs, social media accounts, iclouds and even government agencies around the world being hacked so frequently now, it is high time that people start paying attention to learning how to keep private data secure. Here’s hoping that the cricketer is successful in getting control back on his account.


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Cover image via: @fakharzaman719 via Instagram / circleofsports.co

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