Oh Fakh, There Were Rumors Of Fakhar Zaman Dating Bollywood Actress Zareen Khan & She Did Not Like That

By Ramsha Bhatti | 12 Oct, 2018

Remember those Bollywood films where a Pakistani fell in love with an Indian, and the both eloped to a faraway land and lived happily ever after? Yes, there must have come a bunch of movies to your mind because this “forbidden love”  between people from India and Pakistan has always been a hot topic since forever. This fantasy has been brought to life by many real-life romances, the latest one being that of Sania Mirza and Shoaib Akhtar and we love them.


Well, there were rumors that a new India-Pakistan cross border couple was happening and things took an interesting turn

A few days ago, rumors started to surface all over the internet that our homeboy Fakhar Zaman was dating a Bollywood hottie. Fakhar Zaman has been in the news A LOT recently, after becoming the first Pakistani cricketer to bag a double century, news started going around that he was on his way to bagging a Bollywood actress’s heart.

source: crictamil.in


Hearts were going to be broken and questions were asked

source: Viceland


An Indian website came up with the news that Fakhar Zaman was dating Zareen Khan and the two were knee deep in love. 

Yes, you heard that right. Zareen Khan, the Character Dheela dancer, was allegedly dating Fakhar Zaman and was possibly going to become our bhabi.

Here is the tweet which started all the ruckus.

The tweet is in Hindi so you might have a hard time making sense out of Google’s amazing translation so imma do that for you.


Thank God for Star Plus and Ekta Kapoor, we can figure it out better than the internet.

So the tweet reads:

“After Sania Mirza, this beautiful actress (Zareen Khan) has been floored by this cricketer (Fakhar Zaman)

Via: Pinterest


Zahir hai, people were shocked, confused, and surprised at this alleged reveal


Pakistanis continuously blamed this rumored relationship to be a reason why Fakhar was coming real slow in his cricket lately.

And then there were comments like this..

Matlab, ab banda kya bole


After the internet had just started going cray-cray over this news, Zareen Khan decided to ruin the party by calling it all BS

Lo gee, baat khatam.


In just one word, Zareen thrashed everyone’s hopes and dreams and probably, Fakhar’s as well.

Well, seems like Zareen Khan just shut everyone up. The entire situation boils down to unethical and irresponsible journalism where a media house used two popular names just to bag some attention off of the internet for some bucks. Time and again we hear such news surface and Zareen’s response is not even remotely vague to raise any further questions.


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