Shan Foods – Unlocking The Flavors Of The World At Karachi Eat Festival 2022!

By MangoBaaz Studio | 13 Jan, 2022

Shan Foods has been a household name for the last 40 years, with Shan becoming synonymous with masalas and giving us cooks a much-needed hand in the kitchen. But this year, they’re spicing it up with a new twist at Karachi Eat, and we can’t wait!

We’ve already been on the edge of our seats, counting down days till we finally get to the Karachi Eat Festival, after 2 years of waiting, from 14th to 16th January 2022. Now, Shan Foods has added on to our excitement with the biggest set up KEF has ever seen. Instead of just having our local dishes with that famous Shan wala zaiqa, we’ll be experiencing it with a bang.

This year, you’ll experience a whole new World of Flavours, and you’ll be spoilt for choice with options from Japan, Mexico, China and Pakistan. With carefully curated dishes from around the world, we’ll be getting our very own Shan ka khana with a sprinkle of something more. Looks like we’ll finally be making up for our lack of travelling these last 2 years?

But is it going to be any good? Well, here’s the fact, dear foodies – Shan has called in a chef with international experience to create food fusions that would tantalize our taste buds, with a little bit of desi in every dish. I don’t know about you all, but just the thought of this mix of flavours bursting in my palette is making my stomach rumble!

And that’s not all, the cherry on top is that everything will be under Rs. 200! Yes, you read that right – you are getting good food, fun flavours, and a variety of cuisines at unparalleled prices. And with a whole enclosure for seating (with much-needed fire-pits), and activities just for you, you really won’t be able to survive this KEF without multiple visits to Shan’s World of Flavours. See you there!


This post is sponsored by Shan Foods!

Cover image via Shan Foods

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