This is How Shahrukh Khan Broke Our Hearts

This is How Shahrukh Khan Broke Our Hearts

This is How Shahrukh Khan Broke Our Hearts

So everyone knows how much we at MangoBaaz love Shahrukh Khan. And why wouldn’t we?

Shahrukh Khan is not only the king of Bollywood, he is the king of many Pakistani hearts as well. Every 90s kid grew up watching his movies and then trying to reenact every single scene. Some guys have even copied all of his moves in their own lives, hoping to snag a Kiran or a Pooja.

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So imagine our surprise, excitement and MAJOR fangirling moment when this happened:

Shahrukh Khan 1


Like, can you believe it? THE SHAHRUKH KHAN tweeted to us.

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We couldn’t wait to tell the world!!

we had even planned a whole announcement package, ordered mithai ke dabbay and downloaded some of his movies for a Shahrukh Khan movie marathon.

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But then…

We found out that it was not, in fact, our Raj, our Rahul, our Shahrukh Khan, who sent us that tweet. *cue heart breaking sounds*


Shahrukh Khan 4Source: Buzzfeed


So apparently, it wasn’t Shahrukh Khan who was tweeting to everyone but an automated replying robot that was tweeting the same thing to EVERY. SINGLE. PERSON.

Shahrukh Khan 3


This was worse news to us than Shahrukh Khan’s character dying in Kal Ho Na Ho.

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So what happened?

Well, as you know, we write about all kinds of things. So one fine day, we decided to write about Shahrukh Khan. And then we tweeted it, as well.

Shahrukh Khan 2


So it happened to be on the day of his birth, when everyone was wishing him ‘Happy Birthday’ and when that happens, of course, you don’t lose the opportunity, do you?



We had so many hopes of a friendship blossoming from this twitter interaction. But Shahrukh could not help but be a two timer. He shamelessly carried on with a billion other people, all at the same time 🙁

Source: Bolly Pop


And it wasn’t just us

Fans of Shahrukh Khan were utterly joyful when they saw their idol tweeting back at them.


But when they found out it was just a robot, everyone who was betrayed by the fake Shahrukh tweeting at them was equally enraged.

This guy was so over him.


Don’t do this to our hearts again, Rahul

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