Every Pakistani Girl Has Faced This Struggle On Facebook

By Hamza Ghaznavi | 11 Nov, 2015

Okay so there are two kinds of friends requests on Facebook – Friendship and Fraanshipp! Both have their own positives and negatives, and honestly who are we to judge? But frandshipp request, to be honest, can get pretty creepy. Especially when the said fraanshipper doesn’t get the hint.

However, sometimes the hilarity of it can overcome the creepy part and here are some of the best ones our readers have sent us:


1. Like this ‘reasonable’ guy


Somebody talk to him for the sake of good reason please, he is a decent fraanshipp boy.


2. Or this God-fearing guy


Of course, when you’re stalking someone, you remember God at such tough times.


3. This guys really loves them eyes

If being Pindi Boi was a crime, you would definitely be guilty.


4. This gentleman here who doesn’t want to annoy

Just creep you out with ma fraanshipp a little, maybe.


5. And this person right here who is trying so hard

And he is so good with words. *impressed emoticon*


6. This one is worried about safety

Yet he still lives.


7. This momin is spreading piety




8. This guy who is secreting admiration is impressive

You sort of gave the secrecy part away, bro.


9. This boy doesn’t want to be misunderstood so just listen to him, k?

Because stalking you was special.


10. And this dude who wants to show “something”


Somethings are better left unseen.


11. Someone even got their sister in on this activity too


All interested single ladis please contact Squadron leader Noman’s wife.


12. And this guy was looking for a job, he thought he’d kill two birds with one stone

1 (4)2 (1)


There are two more pages of this… CV?


Have you ever been fraanshipped? Send us your fraanship screenshots and you fraanshipper can be featured right here.

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