Shahmeer Abbas Just Said He's Pissed Off At A Mystery ‘Kutta’ And People Are Wondering Who It Is

By Rameeza Ahmad | 2 May, 2019

Someone take Shahmeer Abbas’ phone away from him. 

After Shahmeer Abbas deleted both the videos he had made against Ducky Bhai, ‘exposing’ him, people thought he had gotten scared. Scared of what? That was still being debated but a lot of people thought it was because of all the people unsubscribing to his YouTube channel.


Shahmeer probably saw all of the comments he’s been getting after his and Sham’s phadda with Ducky Bhai because he suddenly decided to do an Instagram live and call out a mystery kutta

source: Shahmeer Abbas Official /

In the live stream, he cleared the air; according to him, he did not delete the video because he’s scared of anyone or even because he’s scared of losing subscribers (a total of 16,000, btw). In fact, he invited people to unsubscribe if they had an issue with him.

He said the reason he deleted the videos was because he wanted to sort out the entire mess and the videos were not helping. And then he revealed that there was someone who had instigated the fight. He referred to this person as a ‘kutta‘. He then said the person was a ‘4k Kutta‘ and an ‘intelligent kutta‘. Wow.


Of course, speculations started immediately and he clarified that he was not talking about Sham Idrees or Ducky Bhai

He then said it was not Rahim Pardesi or Raza Samo either. So that still leaves behind quite a few people and most of the comments believed it was either Zaid Ali T or Shahveer Jafry.

Source: KhujLee Family/YouTube


And there were a lot of Ducky Bhai fans in the comments who had taken over and just left comments with the ‘ 🦆’ emoji.

Via Shahmeermulti/Instagram
Via Shahmeermulti/Instagram
Via Shahmeermulti/Instagram

But the mystery of the ‘kutta‘ remains? Who was Shahmeer talking about? Who could have caused the rift between Sham Idrees and Ducky Bhai? Or is this just another last-ditch effort by Shahmeer Abbas and Sham Idrees to have a scapegoat.

Because let’s be real, if Shahmeer really wanted to clear the air, he wouldn’t be spewing hate against those who don’t support him in the fight or are commenting on it.

Let us know in the comments below who you think Shahmeer was talking about? Let us know in the comments below.


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Cover Image Source: Shahmeer Abbas Shah / Facebook

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