Shahid Afridi Came To The Rescue Of Mohammad Amir After Afghan Player Naveen Ul Haq Abused Him & People Are Loving Lala For It

By Astarte | 1 Dec, 2020

Shahid Afridi coming to support Mohammad Amir against Naveen Ul Haq is beautiful

In any sports match, teams are on their edge with adrenaline and competitive spirit pacing through their veins. However, it just gets even more entertaining when there’s a sprinkling of some added drama. The ongoing Lanka Premiere League 2020 has been nothing short of dramatic for sports fans everywhere. With interesting performances from star players to some drama on the field, things are pretty exciting.


Last night between the match of Kandy Tuskers and Galle Gladiators, the drama was at its peak

While, the Kandy Tuskers took the match, their first win of LPL 2020, but the reaction from one particular Tsukers’ player toward Galle Gladiators is winning the Gladiators lots of fans.


With charged spirits during the match, Afghan bowler Naveen Ul Haq exchanged some hot words with Mohammad Amir of Galle Gladiators and got a little too aggressive


But like a good team player, and bara bhai, Shahid Afridi came to support Mohammad Amir and gave Naveen Ul Haq a taste of his own medicine

When the match ended and players were greeting each other Lala did not forget to show Naveen a little pushback with glaring eyes and sharp questioning about his rather rude behavior.


Of course, fans everywhere noticed this gesture of brotherhood by Shahid Afridi for Mohammad Amir, his fellow Gladiator


So much so that Shahid Afridi and Mohammad Amir, and of course that Naveen Ul Haq too, are the biggest topics of discussion on Pakistani social media at the time of this post being published

Via: Twitter


People are also questioning the seriously aggressive behavior fo Naveen, wondering if its his particular problem or the training of the Afghan players as a whole that seems to be an issue


Fans are also comparing that moment when Afghan players cried after losing to Pakistan in a match and how kind our Green Shirts had been toward them


People are also pointing out how Naveen just got a talking down from Lala after trying to copy his style


Of course, there are some rotten eggs trying to sow seeds of further resentments

Some trolls are making it a Pakistan vs Afghanistan issue just to fan the flames.


But overall, people are loving the gesture by Shahid Afridi shown toward Mohammad Amir



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Cover image via: @skycricket / Twitter

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