Shaan Shahid Just Asked Shah Rukh Khan Not To Destroy ‘The Lion King' And WOW, That’s Awkward

By Sajeer Shaikh | 11 Jul, 2019

Shaan Shahid just asked Shah Rukh Khan to not destroy The Lion King with his voice.

Y’all know Shaan Shahid, right?

He’s been around in the industry for ages and he’s pretty opinionated. Shaan’s also got a strong fanbase that backs his opinions up, which I guess fuels his fire.

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Shaan’s been known to be very vocal on social media. He doesn’t hold back or mince his words.

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With darkness comes light❤️

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On the other end, we have Shah Rukh Khan – known as the King of Bollywood – who has quite a fanbase here as well.

He, too, has been around forever, and is pretty much known to be a legend.

Now, he’s going to be Mufasa in the Hindi-dubbed version of The Lion King, and his son, Aryan, is going to play Simba.

Consequently, SRK took to Twitter and posted a snippet talking about the movie.

Major proud daddy vibes. Cute.

While most people chimed in with love and support…

…homeboy Shaan had a differing opinion.

“[Please] don’t destroy an iconic film with Hindi [dubbing,] ” begins Shaan, not even trying to be subtle. “No difference in Shah Rukh’s voice, it is like any other [voiceover] he does for his films. At least change your voice expression for a lion’s dub.”

Me right now.

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But wait, there’s more. He doesn’t just stop there. 

“James Earl Jones must be laughing,” continues Shaan, because how would one tweet encompass his argument? “What Shah Rukh failed to understand is that the characters in the film are sketched according to the dubbing artists’ facial expressions. If you see Simba, he resembles Matthew Broderick.”

Me, again.

Source: Deedle Dee Productions

Btw, James Earl Jones is the iconic voice of Mufasa, both in the original and the remake.

Firstly, I really want to know if Shaan is confused about who’s voicing whom. Because, he’s criticizing Simba’s voice, that’s voiced by Aryan, but he’s bringing in James Earl Jones, who was the voice of Mufasa.

Is he…criticizing both, father and son? Chalo, even if he is, and even if Mathew Broderick’s expressions fit that of Simba’s, why would he be in a Hindi-dubbed version?

Source: Sol Productions

Shaan’s free to express, emote and criticize, of course.

However, as opposed as we all seem to be towards dubbing, it could just be essential for those who may not understand English or may just enjoy the experience better in their own language. As far as the criticism is concerned – it starts off a tad bit mean, but maybe Shaan’s got a point as far as the technical stuff is concerned. I don’t know, I’m not an actor.

Oh, also – someone called out Shaan for being jealous, but he clarified that he had no reason to be.


Honestly, I’m a bit on the fence about the whole thing. Let me know what you think about this in the comments.


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