13 Things You Miss About Shaadi Season In Pakistan If You Live Abroad

By Biya Haq | 14 Jan, 2018

Shaadi season and desi weddings around the world are insanely fun. Everything from dholkis with your close friends, tons of amazing food, coordinated dance practices and of course, family.

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However, there are some things we all miss about Desi weddings in Pakistan that you just can’t have when you’re living abroad:

1. Foremost is the fact that shaadi season is an excuse for the best kind of bridal fashion ever

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Though you can pretty much get anything delivered, it’s just not the same. All the trends, all the lengha choli’s – all THE FASHION. *Sigh*

2. Family is EVERYWHERE.

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People coming in and out of your house, visiting relatives, absolute pandamonium? #LoveIt.

3. You’re never hungry since food is always around throughout the shaadi season

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Which doesn’t necessarily help you fitting into those shaadi clothes but hell, you know you love midnight GulabĀ jamun.

4. Running to theĀ bazaar in the middle of the night because you know that random stall will still be open.

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Can’t find your churiyan? Need a new tikka for your cousin ASAP? Liberty Market is the ultimate lifesaver. MashAllah.

5. Having drivers around to get things done before the big day.

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And another 1621 people available to help you sort out your every whim when it comes to the shaadi.

6. Seeing everyone since you’ve known since birth all through shaadi season

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7. Insane Shaadi season schedules.

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Three mehndis and a baraat in one night? No problem! *Dies* *But comes back for baraat*

8. Even more insane dance practices.

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You’re only added to at LEAST 6 different Whatsaap groups for practice. Hey, how else are you going to fit into those already stitched Shaadi clothes?

9. Spending hours and HOURS at the parlor all shaadi season long.

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Okay, maybe we don’t ALL miss this one.

10. Having everyone around you go insane because of the madness of Shaadi season.

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Mental breakdown number 2873921837? #ShaadiSeason.

11. The fact that ‘Shaadi season’ is an actual valid excuse for work, school etc. etc.

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Try taking two weeks off of work for one wedding when you’re abroad. In Pakistan, taking off a month is the minimum with no questions asked. BLESS.

12. The grandness of every Shaadi you go to or see on Instagram.

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Qawali’s, Nikkah’s at the Badshahi Masjid and Coke Studio performers at almost every event? Haye. #FOMO.

13. The fact that the whole country is in a state of colorful, insane craziness right there with you.

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Shaadi season is Pakistan is absolute love.

Do you have any other things you miss about wedding season in Pakistan if you’re living abroad? Do you want to visit soon? WANNA VISIT US? Let us know and leave your comments in the section below! Love you.


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