These Wedding Horror Stories Will Make You Want To Think Twice About The Joys Of Shaadi Season

By Biya Haq | 18 Dec, 2018


Wedding season has officially arrived in Pakistan and though that means fun dance practices, vintage jewelry hunting and intricate mehndi designs,

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It also means the potential for literally every single thing to go oh so wrong.

Most of just see the glitz and glam from the outside of shaadis, but not the horrible behind the scenes that can ruin EVERYTHING. So to save us all the curiosity, we asked you all for story time and boy oh boy did you all deliver.We asked people horror stories at weddings, here they are:


1. “It was raining and the bride fell.”

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2. “I burnt my mom’s dress right from the front while pressing it on the day of the Valima. My Father saved me from being scolded, loll.”

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3. “Benazir Bhutto died on the day of my sister’s Baraat¬†which meant Karachi went into lockdown and the salon shut down as well. The caterers didn’t want to cater and the guests wouldn’t show up. It was dreadful.”

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4. “Yeah there was this one horror wedding story. And yeah that’s the story, he got married.”

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5. “I went to my cousin’s Baraat and my cousin is quite short. She was wearing 7-inch heels and she¬†fell down from the entrance and the photographer got it all on camera. That was one of the most hilarious yet horrible scenes.”

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6. “Meri Ammi Baraat walay din chalti gari se girnay lagi thi.”

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7. “My maami got a severe eye infection after her Baraat and couldn’t even see and the next day was her Valima and she only had blush lipstick on because the doctor said not to apply anything on her eyes.”

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8. “My friend’s Baraat got stuck for a day on the motorway and delayed because of Khadim Rizvi’s dharna.”

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9. “My Nano’s Baraat was going to Gujranwala from Sialkot so they hired a coach for the journey. The ride was long and she was dressed up in her wedding finery so already uncomfortable. They seated her next to this kid who got sick on the ride and vomited all over her.

Dress = Ruined.

Nano = Smelled really bad.”

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10. “My uncle was getting married in Dubai and to have an official Nikkah you need certain paperwork. So there we are, at the court, it’s our turn and the molvi turns to us and says ‘xyz paper isn’t here’, and we all look at each other. The Nikkah couldn’t happen, the Rukhsati was the next day and the document needed a week to get to us. We were sitting with all the gifts and mithai.”

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11. “My cousin’s wedding was at the end of December at the height of the cold and smog. All the heaters in the OUTDOOR tent broke and basically, everyone got sick.”

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Uff, pls, everyone say a prayer for all the shaadis that are about to take place and hope that none of them fucks up as bad as the ones above.

Do you have any horror stories? Let us know in the comments below! Love you.


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