This Sehra Bandi Event In Sargodha Is Everywhere On Instagram And Grand To A Whole New Level

By Arslan Athar | 15 Feb, 2018

Pakistan has seen its share of fancy weddings, from ones that flew out to Turkey to others that brought all of Lollywood under one roof. Well this wedding promises to beat them up, and that too with style!

One of the people in the Pakistani wedding scene is Qasim Yar Tiwana (QYT) who has built a name for himself as an event and wedding planner. His events are almost always shock droppingly gorgeous and over the top, in all the right ways. QYT’s younger brother, Ali, is about to tie the knot, so only makes sense that the event planner extraordinaire would pull out all the stops for the wedding. And boy oh boy did he not disappoint.


This past weekend, the entire family drove out to their abahi home in Sargodha for a traditional Sehra Bandi. This event is deeply rooted in tradition and in our culture, and this is why the family chose to have such a beautiful celebration around it.

If you’re a little confused as to what exactly a sehra bandi is, don’t worry we got you sorted. Its an old tradition where the family of the groom get the groom ready for his big day. It starts out with the nazar utaarna, and then getting the pudgi and other accessories on. It ends with the sehra being tied around his head by the family elders.


The family all entered on horse drawn carriages, with some men of the household leading the pack 

Ugh, it just looks so majestic.

Entrance ho tou aisay 

Horses, sherwanis and pugdis make such a hot combo 

Ali Tiwana looks very handsome on a horse. #TIWANAWEDDING ??? @qasimyar @asimyar

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The Tiwana men looked sharp

#TIWANAWEDDING?? @qasimyar @asimyar

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While the ladies shined and dazzled

More amazing highlights from #AliTiwana’s wedding ???

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The event was alive with color, and the entire family took part in the rasms 

#TIWANAWEDDING ??? #gharolirasm ? @asimyar @qasimyar

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The Dulha looked regal in his attire. 

Ready with his baraat, to bring the dilwale dulhaniya home

The whole family put together, in one frame, just looks amazing 

Tradition and old world charm ran wild throughout the function 

Not one family member was left behind in terms of how classy they all looked

#TIWANAWEDDING ?? @qasimyar @asimyar

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(BONUS) Mehreen Syed was in attendance too

Somewhere along the event, there was what looks like polo 

Khair, we have no way of knowing- not like we were invited

#TIWANAWEDDING ??? @qasimyar @asimyar

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Lastly, you can watch a short video of the sehra bandi 

Also, this was the FIRST event, so I cannot even imagine what the rest of this wedding is going to look like 

#TIWANAWEDDING ? @qasimyar @asimyar

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