The Longest Pakistani Wedding Ever Just Ended And Here Are All The Dirty Details

By Arslan Athar | 27 Aug, 2016

The Mother-Of-All Pakistani shaadis just ended. For a while, it wasn’t showing no signs of ending anytime soon. An Instagram account is all you need to experience the extravagance and grandeur of #AnushMunib. So let’s dip into the voyeuristic pleasure that Pakistani insta offers on what was possibly the longest Pakistani wedding ever.


The first time Pakistan heard about #AnushMunib was back in January.


Our collective naivety made us believe this was just like every other wedding. Cute couple, a dress by Bunto Kazmi and a lifestyle magazine splashing pictures all over the web. But boy, was everybody wrong…


A week back, Pakistan was bombarded by the phenomenon that is #AnushMunib.

The stunning couple at their mehndi last night. #Anush looked like a vision in #buntokazmi ?? #anushmunib

A photo posted by Good Times Magazine (@gt_magazine) on

You thought your cousin’s mehndi was crazy?

Crazy is about to be redefined.

It's like a fairy tale ?? #munush #AnushMunib

A video posted by Sunday Times (@sundaytimes) on


Fairy tale is right.


Parents, friends and siblings of to-be-brides, be afraid. Be very afraid.

Sit back and watch all the to be brides raise their shaadi decor needs, because this shaadi has given everyone major wedding goals.

The #gulzar family on the dance floor looking fab! #lastnights #celebrations #anushmunib #buntokazmi

A photo posted by Niche Lifestyle (@nichelifestyle) on

Oh and look who made a comeback, yup Bunto Kazmi. She could probably retire after #AnushMunib and live life comfortably for now on out.


After the fairy tale mehndi, there came the ‘Disney Princess Gone Tipsy’ themed wedding party

Yes, you read that right. Let’s take a look at some outfits shall we?

#NoorJahanAzain as #Belle at #AnushMunib #munush party Photo: Weekend Mag #trends #fun #fashion #elite #shaadi #pakistan #lahore

A photo posted by Pak Style Diary|Lifestyle Blog (@pakstylediary) on

#Daniyal and #Salman at #AnushMunib trippy Disney themed wedding party! ??#munush

A photo posted by Sunday Times (@sundaytimes) on


The guests were all dressed…interestingly, but the couple took the crown

Yes, that’s a Sherwani!


No wedding is complete without a bridal shower these days and this one was a HUGE event.


For those that are wondering if a bridal shower is about the dulhan taking a bath

No, a bridal shower is showering the bride with all the pictures, tiaras, jewels and everything in between so she can practice for her big day, apparently. 


And let’s not forget, #SquadGoals

#AnushAmmar with friends at her bridal shower #happeningnow ??? #anushmunib #lahore #hellopakistan

A photo posted by HELLO! Pakistan (@hellopakistan) on


The wedding now goes up a few hundred notches. #AnushMunib reaches Destination Wedding Status.

The wedding party headed over to Istanbul, Turkey to kick things up a notch (or several hundred notches, rather).


Of course, a yacht party is the way to kick things off in the Bosphorus.

Friendship over with Bunto, Roberto Cavalli is my new best friend!?


Wind blowing, Yacht and Haute Couture?

Time for some selfies, ladies.


Of course, yacht party ke baad aik adad after party bhi zaroori hai.

Ooh La La! Club Night!


Some more of those #SquadGoals

Taylor Swift and her friends must be rrreeealllly jealous right about now.


We don’t quite know what this event was, but people were dressed up.

By this point, we lost count of how many events this shaadi had had and just scrolled away in envy as these perfectly sculpted, super rich, destination wedding revelers carried on with event upon event.

Oh and the lady in yellow, right next to the bride? Yeah, she’s the bride’s mom. Let that sink in.


The word stunning was overused


Could this possibly be the last event?




Nope! This is the Sangeet Party! Oh yes #AnushMunib Lives!!!

Anush’s new best friend is Faraz Manan. Bunto Kazmi should probably forget about retiring for life now because she couldn’t bag the whole event.


For your dress drooling pleasure.


What we hope was the last event took place last night.

#Munush #WeddingDecor #AnushMunib

A photo posted by Sunday Times (@sundaytimes) on


And the bride made the most cliched entrance

Here comes the beautiful bride ? #anushmunib#happeningnow

A video posted by ebuzztoday (@ebuzztoday) on


And the ‘Fairy tale Wedding’ (hopefully and finally) drew to a close


Pakistanis obviously reacted to unfolding Turkish extravaganza:

comment 5


Some tried to put a put a price tag on #AnushMunib


Pakistanis were getting sick jealous of this shaadi

Souce: Instagram
comment 4


Insider exclusives were revealed:

By the rate this wedding has been going on for ages, we don’t expect this to be that much of a stretch either.

This person had serious issues with the fashion choices Anush made.

comment 6

If you want to raise your shaadi expectations to a whole new impossible height than keep an eye out for the #AnushMunib photos on Instagram. BTW, there are a whopping 1428 photos under this hashtag, and the number is set to keep on growing.


Shaadi Mubarak #AnushMunib. We know your lives are so worthy of being captured for the whole world to jelly over, now please let us wallow in our miserable ordinary lives.

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