This Dulhan Wins Daughter Of The Year After Dancing For Her Parents At Her Shaadi

By Kashaf | 8 Jan, 2018

Us desi folks love our shaadis. Among the numerous festivities, dances have become a crucial part of every wedding. There’s the groom’s side vs bride’s side competition, the couple dances, the bride’s solo, etc. This bride, however, had something special to dedicate to her parents on her big day.


source: @hafsaxxmalik/ Instagram

Hafsa Malik dedicated a dance to her parents, and it’s actually the cutest thing ever.

To the song “Tere Mast Mast Do Nain” she starts off by twirling her gorgeous lehnga to the music and pointing to her parents.

source: @hafsaxxmalik/ Instagram

Later on, she brings her teary-eyed parents onto the stage and embraces them

source: @hafsaxxmalik/ Instagram

Such an emotional and heartfelt sequence

basically shaadi goals

source: @hafsaxxmalik/ Instagram


Everyone agreed that this unique number was such a sweet gesture to her parents

source: @hafsaxxmalik/ Instagram

Most people assumed the dance was for her husband but NOPE

source: @hafsaxxmalik/ Instagram


There was nothing but positivity for her adorable dance

source: @hafsaxxmalik/ Instagram


We hope to see more heartfelt sequences this shaadi season

source: @hafsaxxmalik/ Instagram


Brb crying

source: @hafsaxxmalik/ Instagram


How adorable was her dance?

cover image source: @hafsaxxmalik/ Instagram

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