People Are Clapping Back After Internet Ke Thaykedaar Lost Their Shit At Sarwat Gilani And Frieha Altaf For Smoking

By Sannia Bilal | 9 Jan, 2019

Why does our nation have a problem with smoking only when women are doing it?


Indeed smoking is bad and it’s certainly not a habit to endorse. If someone indulges in it they should know very clearly that in their desire to be cool all they’re doing is fucking up their lungs but the hypocritical outcry at only women seen smoking needs to stop.


Remember when Mahir Khan shared a cigarette with Ranbir Kapoor and Pakistanis lost their marbles?


Or the time when Saba Qamar called out the hypocrites in our society who are prone to have double standards when a woman is under question. 

Well… turns out, the drama is happening all over again but with a twist.


A picture of actress Sarwat Gilani and media maven Farieha Altaf has been circulating on the internet where the two can be seen with a cigarette. 

While some Pakistanis were OBVIOUSLY triggered as if these women just murdered someone

Source: @celebritiespk/Instagram


Source: @celebrities/Instagram


What really caught my attention was the fact that PEOPLE WERE ACTUALLY STANDING UP FOR THEM

Matlab ke, zabardast!

They questioned those who were sharing the picture.




And talked about how the two shouldn’t be judged just because they’re women

Source: @celebritiespk/Instagram
Source: @celebritiespk/Insttagram


Then they said that these women are grown ups and they are entitled to live their lives the way they want.


People clapped back at trolls who were being sexist

Source: @celebritiespk/Instagram


And that smoking shouldn’t be associated with gender. It’s a vice that plagues everyone, equally

Source: @celebritiespk/Instagram


This guy got pretty darn furious and highlighted some valid points

Jo baat hai!

Source: @celebritiespk/Instagram


Then Shahbaz Taseer stepped in and said that the ladies look hot and whoever judges them needs to get a life.

The thing is, we all know cigarettes are injurious to health. That’s a fact no one can dare to deny.

But is it harmful JUST for women?


According to a research, in Pakistan, approximately 1200 children start smoking everyday most of whom are boys.


In our everyday lives, we see men smoking at every corner of the street. Even in our families. Then why do people have to go ‘Astagfirullah‘ when a woman does it? Does it affect a woman’s faith when she choses to smoke? Why is it mandatory for people to subjectively point fingers at her character when she is just doing something our brothers, fathers, husbands and sons have done for ages?

I’m not encouraging these two respectable ladies, or any other person to take up smoking as a habit. But we should also steer clear of the double standards when it comes to pointing fingers when a woman is under question.

On the plus side, Kudos to all  those who stood up for both them.

Have anything to add? let us know in the comments.


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