13 Irritating Things About Smokers That Everyone Else Absolutely Can't Stand

By Malaika Tahir | 17 Jan, 2017

Smokers beware

As a non-smoker, you don’t really care who’s filling up their lungs with tar but you do care when this habit starts consuming your life too. It’s bad enough that passive smoking is just as bad for health, but the bad manners don’t help either.

Here are a few things non-smokers can’t stand about smokers:


1. When they have the whole world to throw the smoke at but they choose to throw it right in your face

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2. When smokers share their cigarettes and lighters like it’s their moral duty 

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3. When smokers say they can quit whenever they want to

“Lol ch**tiya samjha hua kiya?

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4. When smokers tell you “bus yaar chor rahe hain smoking 

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5. When your freshly shampooed hair end up smelling like nicotine after being in a smoker’s presence 

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6. When you have a sore throat and someone around you is smoking 

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7. When your entire being smells like cigarette smoke and people start thinking you also smoke 

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8. When they deny the negative effects it has on your health by just being in their presence

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9. When smokers are not only killing themselves but also you with the passive smoking 

Wow thank you so much.

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10. When a smoker comes and ask you for a lighter and you don’t even smoke

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11. When you’re stuck in a car with them and they start smoking

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12. When you’re dining out with them and they run outside right after a meal for a smoke

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13. When it’s freezing cold and they pull down the car’s window to smoke

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What are the times that you hate your smoker friends?



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Cover image via: Diva Magazine Pakistan

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