Sarcastic Feminist Rants to Brighten Up Your Monday

By Haadia Paracha | 15 Feb, 2016

Feminists, rejoice. It’s over. You made it. You don’t have to deal with this BS for another 365 days.

Perhaps the most commercialized, if not the only, holiday this year; Valentine’s Day is gone and you don’t have to deal with women swooning over a man’s attention anymore. Hopefully. Ain’t nobody got time for that.

Anyway, here’s some slam-dunk sarcastic poetry to brighten up your Monday morning:


Hello from the other side, please stay there.

Cat-call me one more time and I’ll personally pull you apart, limb by limb. You’ve been warned.


We are never, ever, ever getting back together.

Yup, didn’t think about you for a single second. Nope. Number of f*[email protected]$# given = Zero.


Sorry not sorry.




Please take your misogynistic backside and see yourself out.


Somebody stop them.

You think you’re funny? You’re really…not.


Excuse me, I got this.

I can’t just pretend I can’t carry all that just so you feel all macho and shit. Nah.


Me when men deny the rampant patriarchy and disbar the female oppression and subjugation.

Source: Tumblr


But who cares, because who run the world?

Source: Tumblr


You guessed it.


The images were taken from Sarcastic Feminists Facebook Page

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