Pakistanis Have Gone Full Tharki On This App And Nobody Can Deal

By Arslan Athar | 23 Aug, 2017

Sarahah is a new app that has become quite a phenomenon in Pakistan

People are really obsessed with it, especially on Twitter. So much so that it’s been the top trend on Twitter since yesterday.

Via: Twitter

Everyday more and more are joining the app and leaving ‘constructive’ messages for each other. Things however are slowly taking a bit of a turn on the app as constructive messaging has given way to, well, full on tharak. 

The anonymity factor has really given fuel to the fire we were all expecting to start sooner or later. People have been tweeting the messages they’ve been receiving and we’ve gathered them all here for your entertainment.


The awaam has unleashed their tharak on the app and it’s uncontrollable

The ‘creepy’ level was set high

This is how you must profess your love from now on 

Zero personal restraint is being shown on Sarahah currently 

Compliment her and then tell her you’re a creep. Interesting strategy

Leaves chashma on forever 

The maa baap question is one that seems to be recurring 

Uhhh……*exits Sarahah forever* 

But then there were some people who were downright dirty

And they were given a fitting response

What do you think about this *interesting* development? Any plans to join the app after seeing this? Let us know in the comments.

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