Singer Sara Haider Just Clapped Back At This Instagram Troll Like A Pro And We Can't Even

By Nai Dulhan | 3 Oct, 2018

Sara Haider not coming slow


Being a celebrity and standing under the lime light all the time is tough stuff. Sure, people know you and recognize you, give you love and look up to you as a role model – which is awesome. But there are down sides to it as well.

For starters, your whole life is on display for other people, particularly keyboard ninjas to dissect and criticize.You are not only exposed to humbling love, but also to fierce negativity by your followers.


This is exactly what happened to Coke Studio Singer Sara Haider on her official Instagram page – but she being the lioness that she is, handled the situation like a pro.

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Here’s what actually went down:

Sara posted a photograph of fellow singer, Natasha Baig, on her instagram. She praised Natasha on the stellar performance she gave in her goosebumps worthy “Jawab-e-Shikwa” song for Coke Studio.



Natasha Baig replied with gratitude and there was huge respect from both the singers for each other being shown

Source: @Sarahaiderlive/Instagram


While Sara Haider’s fans and friends also joined in and were chiming good words for Natasha.

Source: @Sarahaiderlive/Instagram


Source: @Sarahaiderlive/Instagram

While telling Sara that her presence is missed in Coke Studio

to which Sara replied that she misses Coke Studio as well and will be back soon.

Source: @Sarahaiderlive / Instagram 

Seems like a pretty normal exchange of words between two people right?



One particular lady couldn’t handle Sara using the word “InshaAllah

…and basically judged her whole being from head to toe, saying that Sara is a hypocrite and well, many other vile and harsh words

Source: @Sarahaiderlive / Instagram


But Sara wasn’t taking any of that crap from some on her space. She didn’t ignore the hater and fired back at her with just as much intensity

Source: @Sarahaiderlive/Instagram

Sara didn’t hold back when she commented that it is people like this particular hater that distort the culture and religion and spread evil. She went onto put it out there that she is going to continue to make her country proud.


Excuse meeee…BOSS LADY ALERT!!!

Via: Tumblr


But on another note, do you think it is justified to make such comments about the people who work day and night to provide us with some kick ass entertainment, and put Pakistan on the global map?

Let us know in the comments section below what you think about Sara putting the troll back in her place.


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