Sania Mirza's Photo Shoot Flaunting Her Baby Bump Has Pissed Off The Local Ghairat Brigade

By Sannia Bilal | 17 Sep, 2018

Ever since Shoaib Malik and Sania Mirza announced that they’ll be welcoming a smaller version of themselves into the world, speculations surrounding the idea have been quite intriguing. We’re all aware of the hype and anticipation around the arrival of much awaited Mirza-Malik baby who is expected to pop out pretty soon.


Quite recently, Sania Mirza had a breath-taking photo shoot as well, where she could be seen flaunting her baby bump.

The beautiful Tennis player is 7 months pregnant and she’s due sometime in October. In the interview that was also conducted, she revealed that she will be delivering the baby alongside her family in Hyderabad, India.




Sania highlighted how people are under the impression that she got married to Shoaib to unite the two countries, but that is not true.

She also revealed that she has the exact same due date as her mother did when she was carrying Sania in her womb.



The awe-inspiring sports star further said that from the start of their marriage, the couple had decided that they won’t be compromising their careers. 

She said that Shoaib has been an ideal husband when it comes to planning a family together. He never pushed her and she just recently found out that he’s been ready for years. Sania has been doing yoga four times a week through her second trimester and still walking for four to five kilometers a day.


As soon as her pictures from the shoot were released online, reactions from Pakistanis started pouring in.


Some thought she looked beautiful.

Via @Allpakdramapage/Instagram


Via @AllPakdramapage/ Instagram


Via @AllPakdramapage/ Instagram



Others wondered why the shoot was necessary.

Via @Allpakdramapage/Instagram


And then there were a number of people who thought she might be having twins.

Via @Allpakdramapage / Instagram



Via @Allpakdramapage/Instagram


Some were just..well… Mean.

Via @Allpakdramapage/Instagram

Our local ghairat brigade didn’t spare her either.

Via @Allpakdramapage/ Instagram


Via @Allpakdramapage/Instagram


But then quite a few came to her defense.


Via @Allpakdramapage/Instagram


Via @Allpakdramapage/Instagram


Khair, we think mommy-to-be Sania Mirza looked absolutely gorgeous and she deserves to flaunt her baby bump through the most beautiful phase of her life. She’s transitioning into motherhood, and while it might be an ordinary thing for most, its something more precious to her than we can imagine.

More power to you, Sania bhabi. We wish you all the very best for the years to come. Shine on!


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Cover image via @MirzaSania/Instagram

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