Sania Mirza Just Spoke Up Against The Racism That Forced Mesut Ozil To Quit Playing For Germany

By Biya Haq | 24 Jul, 2018

The last couple of months have been about one thing,


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The World Cup craziness just ended and despite all of the team rivalries, it was nice to see that everyone was coming together in the name of the game. However, in light of recent news involving a star player, it seems as if this sportsmanship is long gone.

Mesut Ozil, Arsenal midfielder, just quit international football due to the blatant racism and disrespect he felt in Germany over his own Turkish heritage.

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Since the news broke, people all over the world have been commenting on the decision, including star tennis player, Sania Mirza.

Sania spoke on her own experience as an athlete, stating that racism in sports is absolutely unacceptable, to which many had something to say.

In regards to his statement, Ozil was quoted saying, “I am German when we win, but I am an immigrant when we lose.”

In the statement that he had released on social media, he said that despite him being a proper citizen of Germany, he never felt accepted by the country.

Since the statement was posted, Germany’s Football Federation (DFB) has rejected Ozil’s claims of racism, however, have stated that they are sympathetic towards his cause.

Yet, since Ozil put out his own statement, people all over the world have been reacting to the actions of Germany and Ozil.

Many pointed out an apparent pattern in the game.

Many were extremely supportive of the decision and want to see Ozil play for a team that supports him.

Unfortunately, this is not the first time racism has been used to garner fear in players after a loss of a game. The Swedish footballer Jimmy Durmaz, was sent death threats and hate mail after a loss to Germany.

Source: Sputnik

The player, who has Syrian roots, was blamed for his performance during the game and was met with life-threatening reactions from football fans.

Football fans have always been known to be passionate about the game and major matches. However, perhaps Ozil’s actions in light of this racism should be taken as a sign that racism and extreme hate will no longer be acceptable in the realm of sports.

It’s bad enough we all have to live in a world that racism still exists, and even worse that it has deep-rooted itself so deeply in a game loved by so many.

What do you think of Ozil’s decision? Do you think it was the right thing to do? Let us know in the comments below! Love you.

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