This Popular Desi Totka For “Mardana Kamzori” Is The Most WTF Thing You'll See All Week

By Ather Ahmed | 8 Jul, 2017

Sanday ka tail¬†has been a recurring theme when it comes to desi adult adult humor. Much of that has to do with it being marketed by ‘neem hakeems‘ as the ultimate cure for impotence or mardana qamzori. Given the taboo towards anything even remotely associated with sex, this¬†desi aphrodisiac¬†is mainly a source of humor and not much is¬†known about it.

So we at MangoBaaz have taken it upon ourselves to educate the the public about this national treasure.

Disclaimer: due to the nature of the content it is advised you stop right here if sexuality and sex makes you uncomfortable and check this out instead.


For starters, this desi totka is about an oil that comes from a very specific kind of lizard

Sanday ka tail is oil extracted from a lizard called ‘Sanda’, in Urdu and Rajasthani, and is known to the world as¬†Hardwicke’s spiny-tailed lizard or the Indian spiny-tailed lizard. This lizard is native to the India and Pakistan region and can be found patchily distributed in the¬†Thar desert,¬†Kutch, and surrounding arid areas.


The Sanda lizards are usually found in arid regions of the country where they are poached by people who use them for commercial purposes.

The lizards are not only hunted for their aphrodisiac properties but it’s also considered as a relief medicine for joint and muscle pain. The Sanda is first killed then teared up in pieces and left to cook for some time. As the Sanda is heated it leaves oil behind which after cooling down is collected and stored. Sounds disgusting doesn’t it?


Well, you’ll be surprised to know that vendors who sell the oil usually perform the process of oil extraction in front of a live audience that includes potential customers


The whole process is done in a very dramatic fashion. At first the sapera or the snake charmer pulls a living Sanda out of a basket and plays around with it while giving a commentary on a loudspeaker.

The sapera that we visited claimed that the he saved the Sanda from being run over by a truck and since then the two have been bros. Quite a touching tale really if you keep in mind that the Sanda would be traded for an extra five minutes in bed for someone.


The vendors extract the oil by killing and tearing up snakes and scorpions and smoking them up, too

Source: The Living Picture / YouTube

As such the sapera, at times, puts on a show where other animals including a Black Cobra and a viper are toyed around with.

In our case, the sapera¬†told us that the Black Cobra only bites if you mess around with him while slapping the poor animal’s head.


Here’s an instance of the¬†sapera and his very colorful commentary

Usuaully they paint a really sleazy picture which could very well be a plot for a bad porno.

There are a lot of skeptics including other hakeems out there that don’t buy into the Sanda kool aid. Not only do they consider the oil as useless but also argue that it is quite harmful for humans. According to them applying Sanday ka tail can even cause cancer.


There are laws already in place for hunting endangered animals, reptiles and birds in Pakistan but the authorities are lax in implementing them

The Pakistan Wildlife Foundation Chairman Waseem Ahmad, while speaking to Express Tribune, said the lizard has not been included in the list of protected species yet, which is why its hunting is going unchecked.

Because of this rampant hunting of these lizards, they are on the verge of extinction in India’s Rajasthan region, and are endangered in Pakistan, as well.


Check out this video we did about this very “controversial” concoction:



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