Now You Can Get All Your ‘Favorite Toys' At This Adult Online Store

By Aam Nawab | 18 Jul, 2016

 WARNING: Iss se agay kamzor dil walay afraad na jaein. Apni masoomiat barqarar rakhney ke liye idhar tashreef lejaein. 


The internet is a treasure chest full of all things naughty. No wonder porn is the most successful section of the internet. Even more interesting, Pakistan’s name is usually featured on top of some of the most experimental porn searches. Who knew Pakistanis were so kinky?


Here’s how adventurous Pakistanis really are when it comes their sexual activity


This is an Islamabad based website, Razdaar, that sells certain paraphernalia that will help you become a more adventurous performer in the bedroom.

According to the folks behind this website, they “lovingly provide [their] customers with pleasure-enhancing tools”.


And tools, they are providing

The website has a whole range of pills, creams, gels, toys and whatnot for your “pleasure enhancement”.



You can find anything your heart (or ahemahem) desires at this place

Looking for Spanish Gold Fly Sex Drops?


They’ve got them. Oh yeah, you can’t make up this stuff.

Fun fact: the main ingredient in these drops is Cantharidin. Do you know what it is?



Spanish Fly is an active ingredient in these natural supplements.


You like your…umm…rings with beads?


Here you go.


Props to you if you can guess what this is:


And if you are interested, you can buy it here.


These can be good wedding gifts

Source: United With Love

Because not like you can use them before you get married. Haraam kaam karo gae? Ghairat ke naam pe?

Be safe, jawano.


13 Things Every Pakistani Groom Needs To Know Before Their Suhaag Raat


35 Images That Will Make You Want To Become A Masterbaiter


Cover image via: Clockwork Films Private Limited

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