Sanam Saeed Just Opened Up About Her Divorce And It's Actually Quite Heartbreaking

By Arslan Athar | 9 Nov, 2018

Sanam Saeed has always been selective with her projects, but whenever she’s on screen she shines. May it be as Shazia in ‘Mera Naseeb’ or Kashaf in ‘Zindagi Gulzar Hai’, Sanam Saeed has always given excellent performances. The actress recently sat down with her Samina Peerzada to talk about her life.

This was possibly the first time that most people would see the actress really open up about her personal life and be vulnerable, in public.


While talking about love and heartbreak, the question of Sanam’s marriage came up.

Source: Speak Your Heart with Samina Peerzada / Youtube

It was revealed during the interview that Sanam had divorced her husband during the time her mother had become gravely ill. With an ailing mother and a divorce to deal with, Sanam really faced a tough time, personally but truly powered through it.


She got married to Farhan Hasan back in 2015, after which the couple had moved to Dubai. 

Sanam admits in the interview that she wanted to put her acting to the side, concentrate on her teaching and also having a family. She describes it as the ‘white picket fence and dog’ type of lifestyle. It was during her initial few days in Dubai that the actress’s mother fell gravely ill and she felt she needed to be with her, constantly.


Sanam says that her husband had supported her, however, according to her, in the initial phases of marriage, a couple needs to be together and grow together.

She, however, was not in a frame of mind to work on her marriage; she wanted to work and support her mother, for her, at that time, her husband was her LAST priority. For Sanam, she felt like she was doing him a disservice.


Sanam said she decided to leave her husband, to be with her mother and take care of her. 

She couldn’t bear not giving him the love she was supposed to. Sanam does talk about how she felt bad for leaving him, but her mother and her health were just a larger priority in her life then.

Source: Speak Your Heart with Samina Peerzada / Youtube

In the rest of the interview, the actress talks about being the elder sibling and how her family shaped her outlook on life.

She became the more responsible one and the one who would take care of the family. She claims that she became very mature as she grew up and was definitely one of the most centered people in her family. She jokingly talks about how her responsible outlook on everything makes people think she is a serious and intimidating person. She, of course, said that such was not the case.

Have you seen the interview yet? Watch it here..


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