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Sanam Saeed Just Addressed Meesha’s Sexual Harassment Case And Is Encouraging ALL Victims To Speak Out

Sanam Saeed Just Addressed Meesha’s Sexual Harassment Case And Is Encouraging ALL Victims To Speak Out

Times across the world have fallen into an incredible dire state. Sexual harassment is proliferating at an uncomfortable rate, and it’s budding in Pakistan after Meesha Shafi accused Ali Zafar of sexually harassing her on a number of occasions. While Pakistani celebrities have slowly begun to voice their opinion regarding the heated debate, actress Sanam Saeed has too voiced her opinion.


Sanam took to social media to talk about Meesha speaking up, commending her and lauding her dignity for mustering up the courage to voice her harrowing experience in such a patriarchal society

The actress in an irreproachable manner stated how it ‘doesn’t take an evil person, non-family person or an overtly, sleazy, ill-mannered person to cross the line.’ It can be anyone, and #timesup must be brought forth in a more prevalent manner because the matter is only deteriorating within the country.

Source: @sanammody/Instagram


Sanam correctly expressed how sexual harassment is NOT physical; it can be emotional, verbal and can be in the simplest form of mere ‘inappropriate, flirtatious comments’ that make the victim incredibly uncomfortable

Sanam was a sound of comfort, expressing how you must ‘feel at ease that you have shared your truth,’ in order to stand up to the mushrooming ‘injustice’ that is sweeping up the nation in a terrifying storm.

Source: @sanammody/Instagram


Before ending her statement, the actress warned those who have harassed to ‘own up, apologize and make sure it never happens again’

She assured support for those afraid to speak up, and encouraged all victims to raise their voice to assemble the strength of #metoo and #timesup together.

Source: @sanammody/Instagram


Bravo Sanam.

What are your thoughts on the actress’s statement?


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