These Students From COMSATS Celebrating Their Friend's Breakup Is Low-Key All Of Us

By Haadia Paracha | 27 Apr, 2018

Breakups can be messy, especially if you bare your soul and well, things just don’t work out. Whether this is because the other person was just not that into you or “halaat“, it just…hurts, you guys.


Source: The Room (2003) / Wiseau-Films


But these dudes from COMSATS Islamabad didn’t shy away from cheering up their friend going through the unnecessary heartbreak in the best way.

Source: @MaafKaro Via: Twitter



They brought him a haar

Phoolon ka nahin tha magar…koi nai.

Source: @MaafKaro Via: Twitter


Showered him in snow spray because…what’s a celebration without it?

Source: @MaafKaro Via: Twitter


And brought him cake…

Source: @MaafKaro Via: Twitter



azaadi mubarak

Source: @MaafKaro Via: Twitter



Source: @MaafKaro Via: Twitter


And Pakistanis are going WILD over this unique breakup celebration:


Honestly, it’s low-key iconic and far too precious for this world.

Is this breakup celebration your jam? Are you secretly planning on for your friend? Do you know a friend who needs this kind of happy cheer in their lives?

Tag ’em, share with ’em and share your thoughts in the comments section ??????

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