I Had A Lot Of Expectations From Sanam Saeed's New Drama “Deedan” But Then I Watched It

By Arslan Athar | 16 Oct, 2018

Deedan” was a highly anticipated drama, mainly because of the lead actors in the show; Sanam Saeed and Mohib Mirza. This is the first time Mohib has been in a Pakistani drama in a while, which is why people were REALLY excited about the show, including me.

So, as the first episode released, I had to watch it…Sadly, I was left rather disappointed

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For a first episode, this was extremely underwhelming

The storyline presented was overused and quite frankly told to death. Resham and Zardaab are in love, but her father has set a price for her marriage, one Zardaab cannot afford, so now Resham’s father is finding rishtas and on the verge of getting her married….yeah, how many times have you heard that before? Possibly, the only unique thing here is that Resham’s father has a gun and the one day he spots Zardaab in his part of the woods, he shoots him in the foot. So there’s that.

Source: 9th Degree Entertainment


Deedan’ is meant to be a story rooted in Pakhtun culture and practices, therefore I have also anticipated a fair depiction of them, as a people and a community.

Now, going into this episode I had a feeling that having a fair representation was going to be an issue, given that the leads were not native Pakhtuns, or had any connections to that area or culture. Obviously, being the fanboy I am, I was expecting some next level acting, but that wasn’t the case. The ‘Pashto’ accent felt very forced and really unreal. It was actually quite upsetting to watch them go through that way of talking, it was just plain old fake and actually annoying to listen to at some point. Also, the dialogues were all in pure Urdu; if you want to sell an audience on this story, you need to mix up languages, maybe add some slang. Instead, they stuck to Urdu but had the actors speak in a Pashtun accent. Of course, not all actors were like this, supporter actors were able to walk the line between convincing acting and being ‘Pakhtun’ convincingly.

Source: 9th Degree Entertainment


The major positive of the show is the place they shot it

It’s absolutely gorgeous and breathtaking. It’s nothing too complicated and really adds to the feel of the show. If nothing else, the producers of the show totally nailed this aspect of the show.

Source: 9th Degree Entertainment


The only show, in recent times, that focuses on KPK and the way society is set up in villages there is ‘Sang E Mar Mar’, however it would be rather unfair to compare an entire show to one episode, however, what we can say is that, for ‘Sang E Mar Mar’, the show was able to convince people of the atmosphere, the people and the culture, which for ‘Deedan’ may prove to be a hard sell going forward.


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