Samina Peerzada And ARY Digital CEO Jerjees Seja Are Having A Phadda Over ‘Mere Paas Tum Ho'

By Noor | 5 Nov, 2019

Samina Peerzada and ARY Digital CEO are locked in over Mere Paas Tum Ho

So, we all know about the iconic episode of mere paas tum ho, right? The perfect dialogues and performances by the leads deeply impressed the people but there was a faction who accused the serial of wrongly portraying the women in general, among those, was a famous actress, Samina Peerzada.


Samina Peerzada just called out Mere Paas Tum Ho for the negative portrayal of the character of Mehwish as a buri aurat

Do Mardon nay Aapas main mehvish ki qeemat tai Karli aur phir usay do takay ka keh dia. Yani aurat ki apni koi marzi hai hi nahi. Wah ray pidar shahi zehan aur soch!

Gepostet von Samina Peerzada am Sonntag, 3. November 2019


After Samina Peerzada made her comments, ARY Digital CEO Jerjees Seja responded to the criticism by calling his critics “jealous”

Mr. Seja responded to Samina Peerzada by asserting that the concept of the story is the reflection of society which is home to good and bad people both, he further urged the audience to enjoy the drama and keep waiting for the interesting twists in the upcoming plot of the story.


Not one to take it silently, Samina Peerzada responded to ARY Digital CEO Mr. Seja with a retort which mentioned that the drama is JUST resulting in an exponential increase of TRPs

Samina Peerzada ARY Digital CEO comments 2
Via: Facebook


Mr. Seja then tried to explain the story of the drama and defend his comments to Samina Peerzada

He taunted Ms. Peerzada that she might not have seen the show or else she wouldn’t have tried to defend Mehwish because the lady herself chose this chaos for her life.

He further stressed that the high viewership and ratings are a product of great content and execution.

Samina Peerzada ARY Digital CEO comments 3
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Samina Peerzada further replied to ARY Digital CEO by sharing that while the actors are fabulous she wasn’t very keen on one particular dialogue

She said that the acting by all the actors in the show was undoubtedly phenomenal but she did not like the way Danish labeled his love(Mehwish) as do takay ki aurat.

Samina Peerzada ARY Digital CEO comments 4
Via: Facebook

So, have you seen the episode? What’s your take on the issue? Is this serial merely victimizing the men? And has the story wrongly categorized the women as buri auratien? Let us know in the comments below.


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