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These Pakistanis Have A Lot Of Feelings About Salman Khan’s Conviction Over Killing Two Blackbucks

These Pakistanis Have A Lot Of Feelings About Salman Khan’s Conviction Over Killing Two Blackbucks

Salman Khan’s conviction has caused mayhem


Earlier today, Bollywood superstar Salman Khan was sentenced to five years in jail on top of a ₹10,000 fine. This conviction came after Salman was charged with four cases of poaching in Rajasthan in 1998, while shooting for the movie Hum Saath Saath Hai. According to BuzzFeed, the incident too place near a village of the Bishnois which is a community that revers blackbuck and is passionate about protecting these animals. Members of this community also testified against Salman Khan in the case.


Of course, the news of Salman Khan’s conviction has become the top headline in India



But Pakistanis appear to be equally interested in Salman’s conviction


With many criticizing the Indian legal system and making accusations that Salman was possibly convicted because of his religious background


There are those who were pointing out flaws in the Indian legal system

And maybe forgetting the ones back home?


Some appreciated that the Indian courts didn’t let him go just because he was a famous person


And there were jokes about the poor deer that became Salman’s victim


And about the “killing of black bucks”, in general

Black buck = kaala paisa in this context, fyi.


Salman Khan is an international celebrity and of course many fans in Pakistan have feelings about the conviction but this is not the end of the drama

The court has given Salman leave to appeal so there’s definitely a chance that the conviction may be overturned or maybe he gets a shortened sentence. What the media is reporting with certainty, though, is that Salman is definitely spending tonight in Jodhpur Central Jail.


How do you feel about Salman Khan’s conviction?


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