Salman Khan Is Deleting Pakistani Singers Out Of His Latest Films, And WTF IS GOING ON

By Iman Zia | 19 Feb, 2019

Things really are going downhill ever since the deadly attacks that killed at least 40 Indian soldiers in Indian-administered Kashmir last Thursday. A Pakistani militant group admitted to the Pulwama attacks, and it’s just been chaos since then. T Series decided to remove all Pakistani artists from their social media, and Ajay Devgn just decided to not release his upcoming film ‘Total Dhamaal’ in Pakistan either.


There’s been a dizzying downfall within the entertainment industry, and it doesn’t seem to end anytime soon, with actor Salman Khan now hopping on the anti-Pakistan bandwagon.

Salman Khan is the latest actor to allegedly replace all his songs sung in his upcoming films by Pakistani singers…by Indian ones.

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According to various Indian publications, Salman Khan is removing all Pakistani playback singers from both ‘Bharat’ in which he stars in, and also upcoming film ‘Notebook’ that he is producing.

Salman Khan fans have taken to social media, threatening the actor that they will boycott all his movies if he continues to allow Pakistani singers in his films post the Pulwama attacks – according to Indian publication Bollywood Hungama.’



In consequence, the actor has decided to remove all songs, despite having a very close association to choosing Pakistani singers like Rahat Fateh Ali Khan and Atif Aslam for his films.

Sources are suggesting that the “tracks recorded with Pakistani singers for ‘Bharat’ are being quietly dropped,” and will “re-record the songs in Indian voices.” Atif Aslam has allegedly been removed from the actor’s upcoming production ‘Notebook’ and will be re-recorded with an Indian artist.

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Allegedly the pressure is ascending upon Salman’s camp, and while he has always remained loyal to utilizing Pakistani singers in his previous films, the circumstances have become far too dire to ignore.

According to ‘NDTV,’ the track recorded for ‘Notebook’ by Atif Aslam will be redone in a few days. The filmmakers have allegedly donated Rs. 22 lakh to the families of the soldiers who were killed. The film was mostly shot in Kashmir last October and November.

Source: SYCO


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