11 Reasons Why You Should Rishta The Sagittarius In Your Life, ASAP

By Nai Dulhan | 1 Dec, 2018

Winter is here and you know what that means – BBQ nights and piping hot nihari parties all the way. You know what other season is here? Sagittarius season! And we have the perfect gift for everyone – A round up of the 11 reasons why you NEED to cozy up to a Sagittarius this winter.


1. Everything is an adventure with them

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Excuse us ladies and gentlemen, when there’s a Sagittarius lover in the house, keep them bags packed at all times because they’ll just suddenly get up and say, oh hey, let’s go on an adventure. Best part? You won’t have any idea what this adventure will be but in the hearts of your heart, what you will know is that you’re about to have the best time of your life. These people are spontaneous and perpetually excited. They will talk about something boring in such an exciting way that you’ll want to experience it yourself. Trust us, you’ll be in awe of their energy half the time you’re in their company. Ahhh, if that doesn’t turn anyone on, then what does?!


2. They’ll make you laugh till you have tears rolling down your face

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There is no zodiac sign who will make you laugh as much as a Sagittarius. They are the kings/queens of hansi, mazaak. If you do some research, you’ll find out that most Sagittarius peeps are naturals at comedy – that is why a lot of them end up becoming stand up comedians. They have a library of corny as well as intelligent jokes, line up one after the other. Bam Bam BAM! And you’re on the floor, laughing your damn ass off. They’ll make you forget that you were ever in a rotten mood – these guys know how to tickle anyone’s funny bone.


3. They live in a state of a sugar rush, 24/7

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Yup, that’s right. Sagittarius people are hardly seen sitting, lazing around. They like to hustle and they’ll hop from one adventure to another like a pro. Curious and constantly feeling the urge to be on the move, these rock stars will make everything an epic adventure. And honestly, it is FUN! Not only this, they like to learn actively as well. There’s a photography class? They’ll sign up for it. There’s an extra psychology course being offered? Hell yeah, they’ll be interested in that too. These girls and guys are constantly on the move, growing and absorbing information. This makes them one heck of a partner who is hardly ever boring.


4. They have a ‘live-and-let-live” motto

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When it comes to love and life, Sagittarius people have it sorted. They will want their freedom and space at times and will totally respect you if you want the same. We don’t mean this in a bad way. If you want to cancel plans and meet your friends instead, they will be more than happy to accommodate. They might want a girl’s or a guy’s night out once in a while – but the good thing about them is that they will keep checking up on you. As open minded as they are, they are also loyal and generous. Giving and receiving space is their way of saying, hey, I love you, and that’s why I respect your right to your own “me” time. And y’all know, sometimes you just need that “me” time yaar.


5. They are clever and forever curious about the world

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A Sagittarius person is driven by their curiosity to learn. To top it off, these people are mostly intellectual and are always looking for something interesting to do. They will have read the most popular book on the book shelf, or be deeply involved and concerned about their education and career related pursuits. Long story short, learning and absorbing new information and skills is something that comes naturally to their nature. If you are into intelligent partners with whom you can carry on a deep, intellectual conversation, Sagittarius peeps are the ones for you.


6.They put the “F” in fun

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Sagittarius people are immensely fun to hang out with. Never a dull moment with these peeps! They will come up with the craziest but fun ideas for a night out or even a night in! They will make something as simple as Ludo, the most fun experience you have ever had. They are spontaneous, exciting and always up for a jolly good time. Rest assured, you will be in a constant state of anticipation when you’re in their company.


7. They carry an aura of positivity

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If you’re feeling down, and your partner is a Sagittarius, then you needn’t even worry! They will just enter the room and instantly start making an effort to make you feel better. Heck, they don’t even have to say anything. The aura that surrounds them is so energetic, positive and larger than life, that your mood will instantly be lifted in their company. Sagittarius carries a warm and loving personality that will brighten even the gloomiest of days.


8.They are candid about their feelings

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If you have a Sagittarius partner, you probably know that these people are very straight forward, frank and open about their feelings. A Sagittarius will never hesitate to stand by and speak the truth and absolute truth. They won’t play the guessing games with you (nah, Star Plus inspired mind games isn’t their thing). If you have an issue with people just laying out the facts for you instead of sugar coating things, you might have a little bit of an issue here. These peeps can get pretty brutally honest, even though they mean no harm. It’s just how they are. Cherish their honesty and reciprocate the same and they’ll love you till death does you apart.


9. They will sweep you off of your feet in no time

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Ugh, someone get us water because it is getting pretty HOT and HEAVY in here. Once a Sagittarius decides to put their eyes on you, they will switch on their charming persona. And then, apki khair nahi because pretty soon you will find yourself saying, “kya kerun hai, kuch khuch hota hai!. Sagittarius people are so good with their words and demeanor, that it is a breeze for them to make people view the world from their lens. They hardly have any enemies because they are incredibly nice and smooth.


10. They work hard towards their goals

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One thing that you must admire about a Sagittarius is that whatever task they undertake, they will make sure to give their 100% to it. That applies to their love life and relationships as well. They will go the extra mile and put in the hard work to achieve every dream that they have. Letting down people or seeing them disappointed is their worst nightmare and they will do anything and everything to impress the ones that matter to them – including themselves.

These people are known for their strong networking skills and this tends to put them in the positive limelight all the time. They’ll come home after a hard day at work and tell you all about what they have achieved that day – just to see that smile on your face. Personal and professional achievements are what keeps these people going. Appreciate them, and they will move mountains for you.


11. They notice everything nice about you

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You know how spouses and partners often forget to compliment and be grateful to each other? Well, not with a Sagittarius. These gems will admire everything about you. If you’re driven by personal and professional goals, they will be right there by your side, supporting you and encouraging you. And guess what, they will make their admiration and appreciation known to you. These people will make sure you know whatever you’re doing for yourself and the relationship is seen and acknowledged by them. Sagittarius ladies and gentlemen find it incredibly hot that you have your own career and goals going on, while they work on their own as well. To them, you guys are a team of super heroes, striving to surge forward and reach the sky. How romantic!

Do you know a certain Sagittarius in your life? How accurate is this? Let us know in the comments section below!


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