Sabyasachi Including A Plus-Size Model In A Stunning Bridal Photoshoot Is Everything, TBH

By Sajeer Shaikh | 2 Aug, 2019

Sabyasachi included a plus-size model in its latest bridal photoshoot and I’m here for it, tbh.

As a brand, Sabyasachi has more than made its mark. The brain-child of Sabyasachi Mukherjee, an Indian-Bengali fashion designer, the brand has become a benchmark in the world of fashion and design.

Now, don’t get me wrong – while we shouldn’t be extending gratitude to brands for finally displaying some level of inclusivity, we also cannot refrain from appreciating the few that actively do so. For a brand like Sabyasachi to step up and promote plus-size inclusivity in a subtle manner is both impressive and laudable. And that’s exactly what the brand has done for its winter collection.

I happened to chance upon pictures from The Devi Collection and was pleasantly surprised.

The collection is inclusive of a body type that remains ignored, for the most part. Amongst all the models, you can spot a plus-sized model as well.

Of course, it is noticeable that she’s the only plus-sized model in the frame, while the rest conform to a body type that is already willingly accepted. However, if I were to focus on the positives, I do see some level of representation.

The model looks absolutely gorgeous in the bridal wear.

Here she is, at the forefront, with the male model behind her – a picture of absolute elegance and grace.

We get a much closer glimpse of her as well – decked in jewelry, with another model in the background.

And she gets a solo shot, too.

However, upon doing some more digging, I realized that this model, Varshita, hasn’t just been a part of this particular photoshoot. In fact, she’s been a part of the larger Winter 2019 bridal wear campaign.

Here she is, looking like a dream in typical mayoun/mehndi colors.

I do maintain that more can absolutely be done when it comes to inclusion. However, if I take a glass-half-full look at things, I believe that this plus-sized model being a part of the campaign might just lead to the further propagation of the dialogue around normalizing a certain body type that is frowned upon.

It’ll take more than one model, perhaps more than one campaign – but a step in that direction is better than no step at all. And, let’s face it, a step by Sabyasachi is no less than a leap in many ways.

Upon doing some research, I find this more commendable, because the brand was previously trolled for sharing pictures of the same model, specifically on Women’s Day.

While some people called it a marketing gimmick and a way to garner attention, others were downright harsh and cruel with their comments. For the brand to then actively include a body type, in the face of all these reactions, shows resilience. It’s admirable, to say the least. And it feels like the brand’s heart is in the right place.

Over time, we have seen brands, local and otherwise, try to propagate the acceptance of most body types. And while most of us might be a little irked by the fact that mainstream examples need to be set to undo the beauty standards set by generations past, it’s also true that every step in the right direction is one that’s more than welcome.

Let me know what you think about this in the comments.


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Cover image via @tarun_khiwal/@sabyasachiofficial/Instagram

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