11 Actually Hilarious Desi Trolls Who're Still Not Over The Royal Wedding

By Nai Dulhan | 23 May, 2018

The royal wedding may be over but these trolls are certainly not done with it

Okay okay, everyone is over and done with the royal wedding but promise, this is worth it.

I mean COME ON, in the aftermath of the royal wedding the internet has created amazing memes and are tweeting madness. I’m sure you all have been seeing countless royal wedding trolls on social media for the past few days but the desi memes are seriously hilarious.

Here is a round-up of the best desi memes and tweets from the royal wedding this past Saturday:

1. Diana, why you do dis?

Source: @Farrukh.Says/Twitter

2. When you know sassu ma is going to be a sassu maa after all.

Source: @Farrukh.Says/Twitter

3. When the waiter tells you “Roti khul gai hai!!”

Source: @Mytherapistsays/Instagram

4. When you tell everyone you don’t care about the royal wedding but ander he ander phool phoot rehay hain:

Source: @Mytherapistsays / Instagram

5. When you’re a sassu maa and hate your bahu already because “larki kuch zada hi bold hai.” and “hai mera masoom beta!”

Source: @ZackLayton / Instagram

6. *Gasp* How could they? Chal ghar chalain…yeh kaisi shaadi hai?

Source: @Sehroo_Sehrish/ Twitter

7. Yes, there was also an iftaar dawat to kick off the wedding festivities.

Source: @Potterhead_Aish/Twitter

8. Relationship goals…right there…right in the feels….eeek.

Source: @UncleGormint/Twitter

9. Abay yaar…rulai ga kya?

Source: @Takentweets/Twitter

10. “I’m going to go for the natural, no-makeup look,” said no desi bride ever.

Source: @Sangli_cigret/Twitter

11. …Yes, she was set to dance on “Jootay laylo, paisay de do”…

Source: The Indian Idiot


Don’t know about you but I’m on the floor, laughing my head off.

Image result for desi laughing gif
via Deenga

Royal wedding purani ho jai gi, but memes nahi! Enjoy!



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