Riz Ahmed Is Travelling Around Pakistan And Honestly, Why Weren't We Invited?

By Arslan Athar | 7 Mar, 2018

We’ve been fawning over Riz Ahmed for a while now. It is because of this obsession that we felt sort of hurt by his rather quiet and unannounced tour of Pakistan.

This past week Riz has taken to Instagram to post pictures of his trip, and they’re quite amazing. He visited Pakistan after 13 years, so he’s seeing the country through a whole new lens.

Riz focused on one thing every person visiting is attracted to 


Source: @rizahmed // Instagram

‘No one does cars, trucks & lorries like us’ 

Lorries! Now there’s a word that many of us haven’t heard in a while

Source: @rizahmed // Instagram

Riz also pays ode to the bustling city of Karachi and its markets

He posted this almost fluid picture that captures the organized chaos of Juna Market

Source: @rizahmed // Instagram

One of the comments under these photos read ‘you must be having a sensory overload’ 

If two words could describe the country, those would be it

Riz also gave us some beauty shots 

Source: @rizahmed // Instagram

And, are those Peshawari chappals we spot? 

Source: @rizahmed // Instagram

Also, Riz caught up with his crew from ‘The Reluctant Fundamentalist’ 

PS, you guys! Do you think there’s room for the fourth in your squad

Source: @meesha.shafi // Instagram

He also met with the Khawaja Siraa community.

He accompanied his post with a huge description of their social situation in the country

Source: @rizahmed // Instagram

He’s clearly trying to educate his international followers about ALL aspects of Pakistan 

And honestly, that’s really refreshing

Source: @rizahmed // Instagram

Everyone seems to be loving his posts 

Especially this guy

Source: @rizahmed // Instagram

Now there’s an interesting proposition 

Source: @rizahmed // Instagram

Of course, the tharak wouldn’t stop 

Source: @rizahmed // Instagram

Some couldn’t believe how great his photos came out 

Source: @rizahmed // Instagram

This is a really interesting observation 

Source: @rizahmed // Instagram

Travel recommendations were made 

Source: @rizahmed // Instagram

People were really appreciative that he covered the stories of the Khawaja Siraas 

Source: @rizahmed // Instagram

Some were REALLY happy that a man was the one creating awareness 

Source: @rizahmed // Instagram

PS: Riz, please do give us a heads up next time you’re visiting. We’d love to meet you KThnxBye

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