Riz Ahmed Is On The Cover Of Time's “100 Most Influential People” Issue And We're Crying Happy Tears

By Haadia Paracha | 21 Apr, 2017

 If you’re oblivious to Riz Ahmed’s existence, we suggest you first head over here to find out what a gift to humanity he truly is. If you’re still unconvinced, might I suggest reading this


And in case you’re one of the select few who fully appreciate Riz Ahmed’s talent, we’ve got some BIG news.


Last night, while perusing various social media apps in between late night group texting, we saw Riz share this on his Instagram:


So, as it turns out, not ONLY has he made it to the prestigious list, HE’S MADE IT TO THE COVER.

Source: Time Magazine

The British-Pakistani actor, rapper and activist has had the honor to be included in the list alongside some very big Hollywood names like, Ryan Reynolds and Emma Stone and musicians like, Ed Sheeran and Demi Lovato. The list also honored TV stars and comedians James Corden as well as being inclusive of world leaders like Donald Trump and Pope Francis.



Source: Youtube



Starting a boy band with my #RogueOne squad.

A post shared by Riz Ahmed / Riz MC (@rizahmed) on



Source: Esquire Via: diegoluna.co.vu



Source: @rizahmed Via: Instagram





Source: @rizahmed Via: Instagram



Source: WIRED Via: youtube.com


Source: aliciavikander.tumblr.com Via: youtube.com


Suffice to say, we’ve got all this love to give and Riz is deserving of it all:

Source: Buzzfeed


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