Ali Sethi And Riz Ahmed Just Paid Tribute To Qandeel Baloch Through This Song And We Can't Stop Watching It

By Iman Zia | 3 Mar, 2017

Riz Ahmed, the British Pakistani rapper and actor who’s starred in The Night Of and Star Wars, recently, is starting to become a bona fide worldwide celebrity.


Riz, along with his band the Swet Shop Boys just dropped the best, most heartfelt jam of the year.


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And they’ve collaborated with Ali Sethi, who, as we all know, is a musical genius already


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Aaja is a celebration of our beautiful culture and oozes nostalgia in such a vintage way.

With Riz’s crisp rap coupled with Ali Sethi’s melodious voice, this is a song is ridiculously good and the video is incredibly vibrant. There’s a lot going on in it.


We also have this seriously sexy mother-fakir in the video, too


The video has a boy smearing the street walls of a desi New York neighborhood with Swet Shop Boys’ flyers


The boy is plastering concert flyers across the city when he falls in love at first sight.


He tries to persuade her to come to the concert


But she dashes off…


However, like all love stories go, of course, there’s a happy ending…

She’s walking by the bus stop again and she sees the posters…


…Both lil lovebirds end up at the concert together…


In an unexpected twist, we actually hear Qandeel’s voice eerily in the backdrop towards the end

The video is hauntingly beautiful and, according to our interpretation of it, it seems like it’s for all the women who’ve dared to be a little bold and different and weren’t afraid to express themselves.


Watch the heartfelt tribute to Qandeel Baloch below:

We’ve reached out to Ali Sethi for his comments on the video and will update accordingly.

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