This Reporter Was Incredibly Rude To A Traffic Warden And It's Pretty Fucked Up

By Rameeza Ahmad | 3 Oct, 2018

A television show by the name of Lahore Puchta Hai which airs on a television channel called Lahore Rang and is hosted by a reporter named Mian Imran Arshad.

In a recent clip that has gone somewhat viral, we can see Mian Imran stopping a traffic warden who is seemingly off duty on Mall Road, Lahore. As soon as the warden stops, the reporter stands in front of his bike so the warden can’t exactly leave either. And then the questioning starts.

Source: Lahore Rang

The reporter starts off very aggressively. So much so that I was surprised that the warden did not respond back with at least some anger. He asks the warden where his helmet was. The warden replies with the fact that he does not have a government-issued helmet.

However, Mian Imran is relentless and clearly does not like the answer he has received.

His entire interaction with the warden is incredibly aggressive. Apart from his rude tone, his body language is threatening as well. He reminds the warden that he is breaking the law by not wearing a helmet. The warden is apologetic and does not respond back with anger until the reporter gets even MORE aggressive.

The warden finally tells the reporter to do his job instead of trying to be a badmash. 

Source: Lahore Rang

This further angers the reporter who then makes a big enough fuss to attract another on-duty warden who comes to the scene and finally challans the other warden, which the reporter had intended on doing.

The entire incident was appreciated by a lot of people who commended the reporter for being ‘brave’ and bringing people who break the law to justice. And while it is important to make sure people follow the law, there is a way to go about it.

Source; Lahore Rang via

A lot of people seem to believe the onus of responsibility when it comes to following the law, is greater for public servants, this should not be the case. The law should be equal for everyone. And if it’s not okay to broadcast private citizens on television for doing something, then the same rule should be there for public servants. Especially public servants who are off duty.

The reporter clearly has a holier than thou attitude which is incredibly disconcerting. He could have politely asked the officer about his decision not to wear a helmet when it is against the law. Making a spectacle of the situation was not necessary.

In recent times, a lot of shows with similar themes have started airing on various television channels.

Reporters in their persuit of investigative journalism have started borderline terrorizing people. With no search warrants or legal ground, they storm private properties to ‘uncover’ the truth and show it to the public. While their original intentions might have been noble, the entire format of these shows is problematic. Unless there are proper authorities with these television show hosts, they should not be allowed to invade places as they do right now.

That is not their job.

You can watch the entire episode below:

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Cover Image Source: Lahore Rang via

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