Reham Khan Handling A Troll With So Much Patience Is Actually Really Cool

By Rameeza Ahmad | 7 Aug, 2018

After Reham Khan’s stint as Imran Khan’s second wife whom he divorced before their one year anniversary she’s become a rather infamous commentator. The divorce was not amicable, to say the least. Both have talked about one another after the divorce, and it wasn’t pretty. Imran went as far as to publicly admit to marrying Reham as the biggest mistake he has ever made.


Reham Khan actually wrote an entire book which became quite infamous. And Imran Khan went on record and stated that marrying Reham was the biggest mistake of his life.


And because of her book and outspoken opposition of Imran Khan and his party on social media, people are very against her. And they do not miss any opportunity to troll her. Even well-known personalities join in on the bandwagon such as Zaid Ali feuding with Reham on Twitter.


Of course, Reham is not safe from trolling in real life and this altercation with a “critic” in England jas gone viral on the internet

And one of these incidents was recorded by a troll and subsequently posted online.

The video shows a woman harassing Reham Khan and constantly asking her questions but not giving her a chance to respond. Reham, however, handles it very calmly and asks the woman to actually give her a chance to respond.

Here’s the rest:

In the next part, Reham’s son who was seen looking on in the previous part actually steps in to defend his mother from the verbal attack being made on her. Reham, however, asks her son to calm down and ignore the troll. The woman, however, is relentless and keeps harassing Reham till she talks to the interviewer to reschedule. In the video, the interviewer can be seen apologizing to Reham for having put her through the harassment in the first place but she brushes it off and informs him that she is used to this and then walks away.

As Reham Khan walks away with her son, the woman is still heard jeering at her and ends the video by revealing what location she was in.


Whatever your opinion of Reham Khan, one has to applaud her for handling the situation so calmly, when all the troll wanted to do was antagonize her in some way.

And a few people on the internet feel the same way

What do you think about Reham’s reaction? Let us know in the comments.


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