Reham Khan Shared Her Feelings About Imran Khan's Win And It's Too Much To Process

By Noor | 26 Jul, 2018

The General Elections 2018 episode has now finally come to an end and Pakistanis are all set to welcome Imran Khan.

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People have to say many things about it. And like everybody else, Reham Khan also has her opinion to offer.

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We all know that Reham Khan has recently been in the news for her book and we have talked about it earlier too. Moreover, she had some shocking claims about IK and we are sure you have heard about those as well.

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And now, Reham’s back at it.

Source: Original network, Duniya tv

In an interview with an Indian news channel, Reham Khan made her feelings PRETTY clear about Khan’s imminent win.


She said that she wasn’t shocked by the result. In fact, she was shocked that people were shocked.


Reham also claimed that many people are disappointed by the result as well. 


Of course, she also commented on the dhandli aspect of things.


She seemed kinda not happy about how people weren’t paying attention to her analyses.


Reham Khan also thought the election was dirty – in fact, she didn’t think it would get this dirty.


She also analyzed Imran Khan’s body language. And passed comments about his integrity.


Basically, she says she saw it coming, but she thinks the way it all happened was unexpected.


And she basically said that hum dark ages main aagaye hain.



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Reham also gave detailed explanations of what she meant. She touched upon other topics too. It’s close to a 20-minute interview. You can watch it here. 

It’s…a lot.

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And this is how the people are reacting

People aren’t happy with what she’s saying so they’re getting a bit personal

Log phir bhi Khan ke support main hain

Sab ghussa nikaal rahe hain



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Let us know what you think about the whole issue.


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