11 Solid Reasons Why You Definitely Need A Libra Dost In Your Life

By Ramsha Bhatti | 5 Oct, 2018

Almost everyone knows a Libra and adores them. Libras have this charm which wins people over and makes them the life of everyone’s social circle. This social butterfly is the life of the party and their outgoing nature helps them to become the most amazing friend one could ever have.

But what exactly makes them the ideal friend? Let’s find out some of the reasons why everyone needs a Libra best friend in their lives.


1. Loyal to the bone.

If you’re friends with a Libra then you would be well aware of the fact that they can beat up anyone who tries to hurt you. Libras take their relationships very seriously and adore being trusted, hence they value their friendships and have their loyalties set straight when supporting their friends.

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2. They will be there for you, no matter what.

The bullshit radar of a Libra can go off even from miles afar. They can sense the shift in your emotions, tbh I don’t know how, and will do whatever it takes to help you out or lighten you up. Libras tend to be invested in their friendships and like to sustain their bond with their close-knit friends. However, if you don’t know a Libra too well and need to ask them for help, ask away. They’d be more than happy to help and may even possibly befriend you.

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3. They tell you what you need to hear.

Unlike most friends who try to sugarcoat stuff and tell you what you want to hear, a Libra will say it as it is. No matter how painful or bitter it is, Libras tend to tell their friends the truth to help them out. Beating around the bush and avoiding problems might be their best traits, but when it comes to their friends, they want them to sort their shit out ASAP and be happy hence expect 110% honesty when talking to a Libra friend.

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4. Balance, peace, and justice will be a few things you will learn from them. 

Their procrastination will teach you juggaar. Moreover, their love for peace will make you a better peacekeeper. However, the most important thing you’ll learn from you beloved Libra friend is fairness. They will always be fair in every situation and will call you out every time you are wrong for your own good.

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5. No confrontations mean no fights.

Libras suck at confrontations and we all know that. Rather than fighting with their friends about issues, they would rather sit and talk to them in a mature and calm manner. There will be no petty fights or grudges, which means there’ll be minimal drama with your Libra friend.

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6. They always have dirt on everyone else. 

Having such a huge social circle comes with its own set of benefits, and having masala gossip about everyone is one of them. You can expect a Libra to know all the gossip about everyone, or at least entrust them with the duty to figure it out. A Libra friend will NEVER disappoint you when it comes to gossip and your weekly meetups will never have a dull moment.

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7. Their problem-solving skills are impeccable. 

Years of over-thinking has made most Libras experts when it comes to dealing with problems. Be it something off at work, with your significant other, or just some random person being a pain, you can trust a Libra to have your back. Helping others with their problems is a challenge Libras always love and are bound to come up with solutions which not only help curb the problem and keep all the involved parties happy or satisfied.

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8. They are great listeners. 

In order for a Libra to be of any use, they will need to carefully listen to you and assess your situation. While Libras have a bad reputation for being self-indulgent, it is not always so and especially when their friends need them. You can count on your trusted Libra friend to listen to you and your concerns with full attention and zero judgments. Moreover, they will be there to fill the lull which exists within the conversation and will help you overcome any awkwardness that you may feel while spilling your heart out.

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9. They will always push to become a better version of yourself. 

They will force you to grow mentally, physically, and emotionally. A Libra will support you in every endeavor and may even encourage you to try out new things, which they are sure would help you. They would love to see you mature and grow and would always have the best intentions for you. If you need a gym buddy, call your Libra companion. They might hate going to the gym but they will still join you for your betterment.

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10. They will be your best wingman/woman. 

Since Libras are the life of every party and are major extroverts, this can come in handy. Their huge social circle can not only help you to find some great and fun friends, but you may be even meeting your next crush or bf/gf from their social circle. I mean the chances are pretty high. What is more is that your trusted Libra friend will hype you up in front of your crush in the most efficient manner. Even their sweet lies about how awesome you are will sound like nothing but the truth.

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11. You will always have a personal stylist on speed dial.

Don’t expect a Libra to make a fashion or styling discovery and not tell it to you. They might as well type out the find and “mark all-send”. You will always have your fashion wise updated Libra friend help you tread through unknown new trends in fashion and you will always be on fleek with them. And you can even take some fashion inspo from their closets. And by take I mean steal.

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Know a Libra friend? What are some of their qualities you love? Let us know.


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