13 Weirdly Interesting Things You DEFINITELY Did Not Know About Imran Abbas

By Arslan Athar | 5 Oct, 2018

Imran Abbas has quite the following, online and through his many TV shows. He’s worked in many productions here in Pakistan and has also worked across the border in India. There isn’t much we know about his personal life since he’s a pretty private person, but in a recent interview with Samina Peerzada (on her show, Speak Your Heart), he bore all and know we have an insight into his life and how he thinks.


Here’s a total lowdown on everything he said:


1. Imran Abbas had 5 siblings. 

One of his sisters passed away a few years back after a battle with cancer.


2. He is the youngest child. 

The age difference between him and his eldest sibling is 17 years.


3. Growing up he was exposed to great poets like Parveen Shakir.

Parveen Shakir used to come over to his house, as one of his sisters used to be a poetess.

Source: @SpeakYourHeartwithSaminaPeerzada/YouTube


4. He’s always had a knack for writing and used to write letters to his mom frequently.


5. Imran Abbas made the decision to go to boarding school on his own.

He was 16 when he first left home.


6. He met the love of his life during his time at NCA.

He describes the process of ‘falling madly in love’ as something everyone should go through; also for him, being with that ‘love’ is not the main aim of falling in love.

Source: @SpeakYourHeartwithSaminaPeerzada/YouTube


7. He used to make money by making sketches and paintings.


8. Imran Abbas does not watch any Pakistani TV dramas or films.

He doesn’t even watch the dramas he stars in himself…


9. The actor is about to get married and cannot wait to be a dad.

Source: @SpeakYourHeartwithSaminaPeerzada/YouTube


10. He never really dreamed of being famous.


11. Imran Abbas is thinking of leaving acting.

The actor is either thinking of taking on a role that is more ‘behind the camera’ and ‘behind the scenes’.


12. He isn’t afraid of death. 

In his interview, he talked about how his sister’s death reshaped how he looked at life and his goals. He openly talks about his new approach to life and his preparedness for his own death.

Source: @SpeakYourHeartwithSaminaPeerzada/YouTube


13. He’s the type of person who just gets in a car and goes places. 

He’s made long trips on his own and loves to experience life on his own terms. He laughingly admits that many a time when he’s roaming the street markets in Karachi, he has to run back to his car because people recognize him, even when he has a face mask on.


What shocked you the most? Let us know in the comments


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