Here's How You Can Plan The Perfect Date For Your Bae According To Their Zodiac Sign

By Maliha Khan | 1 Oct, 2018

Being in a relationship is a huge responsibility in itself, but having to plan a date on top of all of that? That sounds like a lot of work and stress. Well worry no more, check out these perfect date ideas to plan for your bae.


They are always ready to try out something new and adventurous. They love to be surprised as much as their passion for exploring. The ideal date ideas for them are hiking, camping, visiting a new city, or trying out something as simple as a new type of cuisine.



They are dreamers, but at the same time, they are realists. They deserve to be spoiled once in a while, since they will never do it themselves. Take them on an expense boating experience, to a five-star restaurant, or even plan a romantic night in that they have been craving.



They are intellectual and energetic people. They crave knowledge and always want to be learning something new. A date to a museum or a movie night is enough to please them.



They like to be comfortable. Putting them in a new situation or with new people can cause them distress which would take away from the date. A peaceful coffee shop, their favorite restaurant, or a picnic with just the two of you would mean the world to them.



They love to be the center of attention. They want your attention as well as the attention of people around them. Take them somewhere they can feel the love in the air. A karaoke night or a club type vibe is right up their alley.



They are socially inactive and pretty much work all day long. They need to take a break sometimes, so preparing a unique experience is the most special thing you can do for them. A couple’s helicopter ride, a mini-vacation, or a massage – all sound like their ideal date.



They like to feel calm and relaxed in the environment they are in. They want for things to line up perfectly and things need to be in sync for them. Planning a date dependent on mood, weather, time of day, etc would mean the world to a Libra. A beach date on a sunny day, a dinner date on a beautiful night or an amusement park date during the summer may be some good options.



They love mystery and the unknown. Don’t expect them to be excited by an average date, they expect something entirely different. Take them bungee jumping, sky diving, or an underground club.



They get bored easily and feel restless without constant activity, but if they have emotions for you count them in for anything. As long as they are madly in love with you, being with you is the best part of the date. A long drive, walking on the beach, or even a bike ride could interest them.



They love tradition and consistency. They don’t need to be surprised with dates out of the blue, but they expect something for special days. Start a new tradition as a couple, like going to a concert on their birthday every year or spending every anniversary eating at your favorite restaurant.



They want to make their partners happy, which is a good sign for you as their partner. Take them out anywhere. They like to socialize and be with other people. They also like music and extraordinary activities. Take them out shopping, a music festival, or even a zoo and they would appreciate it.



They are hopeless romantics and love grand gestures, but with just the two of you. They love the idea of love and live in a dream world. Make their dreams come true by giving them a spa night or just decorating your bedroom with flowers.


Let us know if you end up going with one of the options we have shared!


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