17 Of The Realest Lessons That Pakistani Dramas Taught Me About Pakistani Women

By Sarah Babar | 17 Feb, 2018

Pakistani dramas have given us a lot of lessons to learn in life. Whether it is lessons about love or parents or marriage, or just an insight into the lives of Pakistani families. How treacherous some people can be and how nice they can get, too. But if there’s one thing that Pakistani dramas have actually taught me, it’s about the different kind of women out there. And belonging to the female species, myself, I can realte to possibly 15/17 of these. But not at the same time cuz lol that would be really weird. Let us know what kind of women you’ve come across in your life and in these dramas

1. Women cry a lot

Source: Hum Network Limited

It’s almost like that’s all they do. I’m not even kidding. Sometimes it honestly feels like these shows have a crying quota for women, that NEEDS to be fulfilled every episode


2. Like a lot a lot

Source: Hum Network Limited

Not even during that time of the month as so many people like to believe. THEY JUST CRY OMG


3. Women can get very angry very fast

Source: Six Sigma Plus

Like you literally don’t want to get on their bad side…they might not go red in the face, but they’ll definitely break something on yours


4. And forget literally all of their rishtey in the process

Source: Hum Network Limited

Bhai, behen, shauhar, beta, no thank you


5. Girls who wear shalwar kameez are good girls

Source: Hum Network Limited

Good girls go to heaven and bad girls go to liberal clothing stores…


6. And bad girls wear jeans

Source: Hum Network Limited

Lol obvs, this is something that’s also decided the norm for society, now. Which is unfortunate. But the case with Pakistani dramas is, larki ko bura, badtameez ya badchallan dikhana hai tau jeans pehna dau…


7. Women can be absolute bitches who are obsessed with one thing – men

Source: Hum Network Limited

Like you blink and they’ll have that typical mystery-music evil smirk on their faces, and you won’t even know what hit you.


8. And will go to any extent to get their man

Source: Hum Network Limited

Including getting their own sister married off to a total loser just so she doesn’t come in the way of them and their dream beau


9. Women are emotional and they can’t think rationally if they don’t get their “khwa’abon ka shehzada

Source: Hum Network Limited

Just cover your ears while you’re at it, okay?


10. Some women will keep pretending to hate their man because that’s what’s “right”

Source: Hum Network Limited

Even when they love them to bits and will possibly die without them. But they put on this farce and are almost okay with the men getting married to some other woman, for some God awful reason (I’m looking at you lot, Mannu and Hayat)


11. Women WILL hate other women, koi doubt mat rakhna

Source: Hum Network Limited

That’s a given, though. And this also extends to real life, lols…


12. Women fall in love in some really really weird ways

Source: Hum Network Limited

Uhhh, chai se bachaney se pyaar kese hota hai? I don’t mind saving a few men here and there if it saves me from my current *forever alone* status


13. But there are some women who can be REALLY badass

Source: Six Sigma Plus

Like Mohid’s mum, hello! She was the woman running the show, and that command and authority tho…


14. And stand their own ground

Source: Hum Network Limited

Main-woman Khirad never faltered in front of Asher when he was, quite frankly, being an absolute dick to her, while Hareem was getting her treatment sorted out. She always looked him in the eye and told him that he really wasn’t doing any ehsan on her by taking care of their daughter.


15. Women don’t always have to be meek and subservient

Source: Hum Network Limited

They can break free of the typical madham larki mould and actually go out there and do something for themselves. That’s what our strong women in Udaari proved. And that’s why we absolutely love them!


16. Women have so much potential but, haye patriarchy

Source: Hum Network Limited

We see in shows like Sammi and Yakeen Ka Safar that women in less privileged areas have just as much potential as a woman living in a developed city with more resources, but the men of the house like exercising their authority and feel good about themselves, by making women sit at home and tend to their needs…


17. But the one thing that Pakistani dramas tried to teach me but really didn’t was that: “Women are AWESOME”

Source: Hum Network Limited

But y’all knew that already. JIYAY AURAT!


So, what did you think? Have you come across any of these while watching some of your favorite shows? Yes? Tau tell na. Theeeenks xx


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