Looks Like Rameez Raja is a Super Fan of Chitrangada Singh

Looks Like Rameez Raja is a Super Fan of Chitrangada Singh

Looks Like Rameez Raja is a Super Fan of Chitrangada Singh

Rameez Hasan Raja, the Pakistani cricketer turned commentator, was a popular fixture at the recently concluded inaugural Pakistan Super League. He was part of the commentators who kept the audience, particularly those at home, entertained with all the action going on during the matches, in Dubai and he is certainly admired for his prowess.


Rameez Raja is a masterful commentator, indeed

Source: PCB

He has been a part of the scene for quite some time, having started off as a player representing the Pakistan National Cricket Team in the 1980’s and 90’s.


His participation in the PSL was a matter of great fanfare

Source: Dawn

As soon as news broke that Rameez and Wasim Akram had signed contracts with the PSL everyone, including the media, experts and the Pakistani public at large, was celebrating the representation of past icons in the first ever PSL.


And then came the final match

Source: NDTV

Played between Islamabad United and Quetta Gladiators, the final match of the PSL was not only a nail-biter, it was a cause for so much pride, excitement and might we add, international attention toward Pakistan for something that everyone loves to call, “positive side of Pakistan”.


Rameez was dressed for the occasion at the final

Along with all the rest of the commentators, of course.


And he interviewed some celebrities


One in particular caught the eye of the Pakistani internet

Via: Emirates 247


And Raja was turned into memes, for all times to come


Rameez interviewed Bollywood actress Chitrangada Singh about her thoughts on the match, her favorite Pakistani player and the usual. But the Pakistani social media noticed how Raja took his sweet time questioning the lady. Even his fellow commentators noticed.


But looks like Rameez bhai has indeed taken a liking towards Ms. Singh

As the video shows, after the final Rameez, Ali Zafar and Chitrangada Singh, along with some other people are enjoying some down town. Rameez bhai is even showing is vocal prowess to the Indian beauty.

[fbvideo link=”https://www.facebook.com/dqudrat/videos/1327497367279601/” width=”500″ height=”400″ onlyvideo=”1″]


Rameez bhai may be smitten by the mesmerizing actress from Bollywood but you can enjoy more over at MangoBaaz on YouTube. Subscribe and always stay up to date with a different story.


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