13 Amazing Ways To Make A Gorgeous Rainy Day Even Better

By Sarmad Amer | 12 Mar, 2016

What rainy day things do you enjoy?


Rain has the power to make you into a brooding romantic or a hyperactive maniac who just can’t control being excited about the sexy weather. And those who hate rainy days? Sorry to say but you guys suck.

Now that it’s raining literally all over the country, these days, here’s a little rundown of things you can do, if you aren’t already, in this beautiful, beautiful weather. And the rain-haters? You guys might want to give these things a try, who knows, you’ll change your views. Rainy days have the power to do that.

So here goes:


1. Eat a samosa

Until then you can drool over these samosas right here.

Samosay in the rain
Source: @az_chaudhry via: Instagram


2. Listen to some intense music

Even if it’s just the sound of the rain itself, that is music to some of our ears.

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3. Dance in the rain

Dancing in the rain
Source: @doritsiebach via: Instagram


4. Fry up some pakoray

Pakoray in the rain
Source: @pakistanirecipesurdu via: Instagram


5. Snuggle in a corner with your mug of chai and watch the rain

Chai in the rain
Source: @marthonio_ via: Instagram


6. Go for a long drive in the beautiful weather

Drive in the rain
Source: @islamic_republic_of_Pakistan via: Instagram


7. Read a really good book

Reading in the rain
Source: @eobookshelf via: Instagram


8. Take selfies with your squad

Selfie in the rain
Source: @gokul_kannan via: Instagram


9. Try to catch a raindrop in your hand

Hands in the rain
Source: @smanzarohitz via: Instagram


10. If you go to the gym or exercise, take a day off and enjoy being lazy

Lazy in the rain
Source: @thehumblelifter via: Instagram


11. Put your cheek to the windows, feel the cold glass and listen to the serene pitter patter of the raindrops

Rainy Day Window
Source: @anamiklavzina via: Instagram


12. Visit some of the best architectural marvels of your town and soak in the history

Source: @alyahmed01 via: Instagram


13. Just stand with your face up to the sky and feel the raindrops on you

Face to the rain
Source: @haiderjavedbuttar via: Instagram


What’s your favorite thing to do on a rainy day?


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