Things Punjab Government Can Give School Girls Along With The Hens

Things Punjab Government Can Give School Girls Along With The Hens

As an initiative to educate little girls about the kitchen, Punjab government thinks it’s a swanky idea to provide primary school going girls with their very own dream team: four hens, one male chicken and a cage. That’s one COCKADOODLEDOO situation.

“We preferred girls’ schools for this project to boys because girls, mostly, have to deal with the kitchen and they are more responsible and caring than boys,” said Naseem Sadiq, head of the Punjab government’s livestock department.

Since Punjab government is already doing a fantastic job at reinforcing stereotypes women try so hard to break out of, why not go the whole nine yards? Here’s a list of other things and skills they can also equip young Pakistani girls with:


1. Pink Pencil Cases

Source: fastcoexist

Why stop at pencil cases? PINK EVERYTHING, I SAY.


2. Tissue box

Source: quickmeme

Since obviously, boys don’t cry. In fact, it is scientifically proven that men biologically do not possess tear glands.

Or, a heart.


3. Rolling pin (for obvious reasons)

Source: deepika-slayer-padukone Via: Tumblr
Source: deepika-slayer-padukone Via: Tumblr

While we’re at it, there should be mandatory gol roti o’ clock everyday where girls literally just practice perfectly circular chapati making skills.


Source: webchutney
Source: Buzzfeed

Practice makes perfect.



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4. Frying pan

Source: memecdn

Because women belong in the kitchen, in the kitchen, in the kitchen.


5. Classes on how to turn old tshirts into taakis


Very important life skill for a girl in Pakistan.


6. A portable jharroo

Source: Youtube
Source: Youtube

It’s never too early to start.

What if the maasi flakes? What will we do then? A lady must always possess house-cleaning skills.


7. An education on the grave consequences of wearing jeans

Source: culturalmarxism

Girls must be reminded, at all times, how the future of the entire planet lies in a girl’s choice of pants. Tectonic plates have a zero tolerance policy towards skinny jeans.


8. The most effective anti-rape device

Source: Giphy

Keeping the desi male population’s emaan in check is a duty entrusted upon womenfolk.


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9. Slimming tea

Source: telebrandsindia

Rishta aunties love themselves some skinny girls. You gotta start early. After all, a girl is born to be someone’s lawfully wedded wife.


10. A lifetime supply of Fair & Lovely

Source: mouthshut
Source: mouthshut

Of course, there is no room for being tan.


With all these new supplies, we bet the new generation of ladies in the making will be fully equipped to take on the world.

Source: lagareh
Source: lagareh

If you didn’t catch my drift already, all of this was obviously sarcastic. It is our moral duty to empower the new generation of women instead of reinforcing age-old gender roles. Boys should be allowed to be in touch with their emotional side just as much as girls shouldn’t be caged in the confines of the kitchen. Such initiatives not only set us back a few decades, they are downright offensive. We certainly hope Punjab Government is more mindful of their policies and initiatives.


Cover image via; Business Insider

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